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Facebook Start IPO-initial public offering within 1 week !

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As you are familiar with Facebook . Its the Number 1 social networking company, which have million billion of users.
To attract more user they rapidly change and enhance new option to grab more user.
In last Tuesday(24-01-2011) Facebook announced all FB user would have new profile interface “Facebook  Time Line” within next few weeks.

I think from the 100 number of people , 99 are on Facebook.
More than 50 Mutual Funds have their own share in Facebook. Now FB could file papers for the launch of IPO initial public offering or stock market launch within week, where Facebook sale their stock to the public. As Facebook grew very fast, now they plan to become publicly traded enterprises. Facebook IPO cause increment with a valuation of $75 billion to $100 billion.
The success of Facebook IPO would make Mark Zuckerberg  the 23rd richest person in world, But the main fact is that it will make 1000+ of employee millionaires.
Hope it will be financial for normal people, And do invest in Facebook IPO for extra revenue.
The WSJ report suggests investment bank Morgan Stanley will manage the IPO.
As the prediction of many reviewers, they predict that Facebook IPO will come between April and June.
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