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Facebook New Privacy Shortcuts

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Facebook New Chat FeatureAS we know Facebook re-innovating its self to attract user and to make their current user interested in FB, As a Human tendency: we bored with the same things .
Facebook understand our need and made more user-friendly interface day by day.As Facebook launch Timeline then Left Chat then Left Notification Bar then Video Calling and so on..
Now Facebook understand that some user are unable to use Privacy options so to make it simple, Facebook Add these privacy option directly to Menu bar (“Privacy Shortcuts”).  
You can find this option  on the Right side of “Home” tab.
Facebook Privacy Shortcuts
As some user unable to find and set their privacy from setting tab so FB understand the fact and add these privacy option directly to menu bar.
Now you can Directly Access Below Listed Option from Menu Bar:
  • Who Can See My Stuff? : You can change your content view option from here , like picture and who can view your future post’s.

  • Who can contact me? : Who can send you Message or Friend Request.
  • How Do I Stop Someone Stop From Bothering Me? : By Entering Name and Email Id, You can block any one who bother you.
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