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Encouraging Usability Through Design

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 Guest Post By Kim DeFranco
Hi, we’re BizBrag, nice to meet you. As creators of a social media platform for small businesses, usability is essential in attracting users to the application and prompting use. Our engineers, like knights of integration and development, have battled the never-ending task of making sure the user interface is both engaging and easy to navigate. It is no Einstein moment to realize simplified design will attract potential users and satiate those already on board. However, achieving the perfect layout is not as easy as it seems, especially when the inner workings are fairly complex.
The user interface is instrumental in providing desired functionality and efficiency to customers. Aside from slaying the dragons of integration and development, our engineers make sure the dashboard is self-explanatory. Regularly, we add new features, additional editing capabilities or improve upon other functions to ensure the user has the best possible experience. BizBrag’s goal is to maximize efficiency in performance and usability to benefit the end goal of our users.
Featuring interactive components has allowed for an increase in click-through rates and streamlined usability. One such component is a thing we call a “Braggit.

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