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Configure Earphone (MIC) of Your Laptop in Window 7

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===>> Setup MIC Volume Problem <<==

In our system we generally face the MIC problem while communicating through social media’s (Gtalk,Yahoo!, FB, Skype etc) .

This unexpected behavior is generally because of default MIC setting, By Default in Window 7 Mic automatic change its sound level according to other active sound. Means sound level’s is not fixed for Window 7 MIC setting . Its also change accordingly your network speed .

Now here I’ll tell you how to fix this problem.
Step 1. Are you able to see the speaker logo in the right of your screen ???
Step 2. Right click! on the speaker icon and click on “Playback Devices ” option.
Step 3. Now a new window appear , select the recording option. 

Step 4. Now double click on “Microphone”. After click a new window appear, select “Levels” marked RED

Step 5. Now increase the “Microphone” to 100 . After “Apply” click on OK!

Step 6. Now come back to first window and go to “Communication” option and choose “Do Nothing” option and apply it and click on OK!

Step 7. Its Done! 🙂

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