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When it comes to preserving memories of the past, we, as a species, have all but
mastered this domain. While our physical, or spiritual, memory keeping devices, our brains, are
prone to distorting our memories upon each remembrance, we have been able to combat this
failing of our own selves via the myriad wonders of technology. We now have access to several
potent devices that can preserve our memories in the most objective form possible, and, as I am
sure you are aware, these devices are everywhere and fairly affordable. As a matter of fact, our
cell phones, which are really tiny super computers, have built in cameras to take pictures and
record video. While the quality may be found wanting in many cases, keep in mind that this
functionality is a bonus on top of the ability to make phone calls and connect to the internet from
nearly anywhere. A dedicated camera can grant you the ability to preserve your most important
memories in much better detail at a price comparable to that of a new cell phone. Of course, the
basic technology on display here is nothing new. As the very concept of cinema is over a
hundred years old by this point, and photography even older, this information isn’t a surprise,
though I still find it surprising how available it all is, along with all of the other technological
wonders we have at our disposal. And, the devices themselves are only the beginning.

Developing photos from film is another ancient relic of human civilization at this point,
of course, but now we actually don’t really need film. Many cameras still take film, but most do
not. That, in and of itself, is a great boon to us. However, it gets even better. Because of the
lack of film involved, and of course, the presence of equivalent data, you can have photos
“developed” over the internet and simply shipped to you via a service like Shutterfly, and you
can even customize your prints in a variety of ways. Before you even consider printing your
videos, photo editing software is available to help you turn a simple photo into a more unique
and expressive photo, and you can do so with ease now that the basics of such software is
simply a feature of apps like Instagram. Then, of course, we have to talk more in depth about
social media’s role in memory preservation. Now, you don’t have to even print your photos to
save them. Online storage of a few kinds is available, but one such storage unit is actually an
online display of your photography, video, and other details of your life you’d like to share.
As you can plainly see, humanity has done the impossible yet again and conquered
one of the many fallibilities of the human mind with the power of technology. And, keep in mind
that this is before we have even really figured out the brain as an organ. We don’t even know
why we dream, but we have found a way to preserve memories virtually forever. Not only past
the point of distortion or forgetfulness, but even beyond the borders of our own lifetimes.

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Epoxy systems help create high density semiconductor electronics. They are economical, reliable, and efficient. In fact, they offer an inexhaustible list of end properties.

When it comes to protecting modern electronics from extreme conditions, coating and sealing with epoxy adhesives offers numerous benefits. Electronic circuits today can provide high performance through compact assemblies because modern engineering has created systems to be stable and reliable.

  1. The Perfect Solution

The challenge until now has been how to secure components like ultrafine pitch technology, bare chip mounting, and flip chip assemblies to printed circuit boards in way that will protect against short circuits, heat dissipation, and protection of delicate parts during the process of manufacture.

This is where coating and sealing with epoxy adhesives proved to be a perfect solution. These adhesives are environmentally friendly and provides high bond strength. Epoxy compounds are ideal for structural bonding in printed circuit board assembly because they protect delicate electronic parts from vibrations, mechanical shock, and thermal cycling. They perform numerous functions.

  1. What Are Epoxy Compounds?

So what exactly are epoxy compounds? They are solvent-free polymer properties that stick well to many different materials to create tough, durable bonding. They are created by combining epoxy resins (one or more), a curing agent, and fillers (organic or inorganic).

  1. Versatility

Epoxy products have a versatile quality. They can be formulated in a number of ways to create different types of performance. Formulations can be manufactured to resist cryogenic conditions, to withstand ultra-high temperatures, to bond specific types of materials, and to meet taxing industry standards. Examples of stringent standards include UL 94V-0 flammability specs, NASA low outgassing specs, or tests for USP Class VI biocompatibility.

These formulations can be controlled to provide resistance to chemicals, moisture, temperature, shocks, and vibrations. They also provide thermal and electrical conductivity. Additionally, viscosity, flexibility, durability, and hardness can be controlled, as well as cohesive strength.

These very specific formulations are required by electronic companies, by defense manufacturers, and by the aerospace industry. What’s more, these formulations can be delivered in a number of different ways to meet manufacturing requirements like solids, films, pastes, or liquids.

  1. Curing Schedules

Epoxy compounds (1 or 2 compounds) can be cured according to different schedules. This range includes snap cures, fast cures through elevated temperatures, and prolonged cures through ambient temperatures.

  1. Summary of Uses

An epoxy system, then, can be used in a variety of ways to bond substrates together or protect them from environmental contamination. It can be used as an adhesive, sealant, or coating. It can also be used when potting or encapsulation is desired.

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Call Center

Customer service needs to be the top priority of any company. When customers do not feel as if their voices are being heard, they may decide to spend their money with another company. Therefore, there should be a dedicated space where customers can vent their frustrations or voice concerns with products or services that they have used.

A Call Center Can Help the Customer Service Process

Having a dedicated call center where customers can talk to a real person helps a customer articulate their thoughts to the company as soon as possible. Even if the person on the other end of the phone can only listen or perhaps offer an apology or a refund, the customer mostly wants to be heard after they have had a bad experience in a store or while working with a salesperson within the company.

Call CenterCustomers May Call Looking for Information

A customer may also call a call center looking for more information about a product or service that they saw online. In some cases, it may be necessary to make a phone call to book a vacation or get an estimate for a product. Having one place where customers can get all of the information that they need makes it easier for the customers to educate themselves before spending any of their hard earned money.

It Makes Your Company Look Sophisticated to Larger Clients

The use of a call center can help make your company appear more sophisticated to a customer. It shows that your company has what it takes to handle customer concerns right away. For a small business, that can be the difference between keeping a customer and losing that customer. When a small business loses a customer, it can be financially difficult to get that customer back. Therefore, it is important to take steps ahead of time to make sure that a customer has everything they need before, during and after the sale is made.
Professional call center services providers can provide low cost call center services to companies of all sizes. This allows you to be there for those who spend their hard earned money on your company as opposed to your competition. When you are there for your customers, your customers are more likely to be there for you in return.

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Sony is in the headlines at the IFA consumer electronics show with the launch of its second iteration smartwatch in US. There is no confirmation about its launch in India but may come soon. Last year, with the launch of its first SmartWatch, the company could not really impress. Now, this latest Sony SmartWatch 2 has been refreshed and offers a lot more functionality. It comes with an upgraded interface and quite slim hardware design. To maintain and improve its functionality, the company has made some needed changes. The gadget is square packed in an aluminium body. It is 9mm thick which will comfortable fit even under a short cuff. Following the smartphones such as the Xperia Z and Z Ultra, this smart-watch is also waterproof with an IP57 rating. With the host of new features, Sony will compete with the Samsung’s latest Galaxy Gear. 
Sony Smartwatch 2

In detailed about the watch, it personally act as a second screen to show incoming calls and texts of your smartphone. It connects to the Android smartphone pretty easy using NFC and Bluetooth. No need to worry if the Android your phone without NFC, this smart-watch works brilliantly with Bluetooth connectivity as well. The company uses a single-core processor this time, which has been lowered to balance battery life with the physical size. The gadget will has a relatively good battery life that lasted for more than four days. It runs on a bespoke variant of Android, so it has a regular platform with a home screen full of app icons. As usual, the Home, Back and Options buttons is placed below the home screen. 
Smartwatch 2
The smart-watch also has a slide-down notifications tray which resembles the other Android smartphone or tablet. The watch starts vibrating when you receive phone calls. During the incoming actions, a pop up appears on the screen to allow the user to answer or end a call. But, there is no speakers or microphone fitted with this device, the user can answer a call through a Bluetooth headset. The gadget will come some built-in apps. You can also install other applications from the Sony SmartConnect app and Google Play store for free. 
Sony Smartwatch 2
The gadget includes a transflective 1.6-inch LCD screen which has only 220 x 176 pixels resolution. The display maintains a pixel density 176 ppi makes it as bright enough to be viewed even on the sunny day. The smnartwatch launch date and price for India will be announced soon. This good looking smartphone accessory will comes with host of theoretical improvements over Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. It has smart functions and go for the practical buyers. Because of the wider device compatibility, the Sony SmartWatch 2 will be an outright winner in this segment.
This post has been written by Shweta aggarwal who writes about gadgets, Technology in market, trendy& latest lifestyle Products in India, beauty tips etc. 

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Intel 4th Generation Processors Released in India
As we know world largest Giant Chip manufacture Intel Finally Launched Intel  4th Generation Processors Today (06/26/2013). 
We know Intel has already launched  4th Generation Processors in US and others markets. But know it will be available in INDIA market also.
Intel 4th Generation Processors
As the Generation Enhanced it comes up with lots of new dynamic features.
The 4th Generation  Intel Core Processors based on Intel’s leading 22 nanometer architecture, Offers Most Tremendous Gain in battery life ever achieved by Intel. It can easily boost your graphic up to double and provide significant CPU performance improvement. As told by the Intel for Ultrabook it offers battery life of 9 hours in active work load.

The 4th Generation  Intel Core Processors is easily compatible for the new era of 2-in-one computing (a 2-in-one device worked as a tablet and PC based on your requirement).

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Combined Recruitment for Assistant III in GENERAL, DEPOT, TECHNICAL AND ACCOUNT CADRES IN FCI, 2013 FOR PAPER 2 & 3 Which was to be held on 03-02-2013 was CANCELED due some technical issues.
Reason For Exam Cancellation of FCI 2013 , Paper II & Paper III:
Due to wrong packaging of technical exam paper in FCI GENERAL, DEPOT AND ACCOUNT CADRES exam package. Technical exam paper leaked.
AND FCI GENERAL, DEPOT AND ACCOUNT CADRES was canceled dua to deficiency of exam paper.
This was caught first @ north side (Jalandhar & Bathinda) @9:20 AM.
FCI GENERAL, DEPOT, TECHNICAL AND ACCOUNT CADRES IN 2013 PAPER 2 & 3 will be re-schedule and date will be notified.  This may take 1 month duration or may be FCI Re-issue new admit card.

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There is a cut throat competition among the impressive budget smartphones in the Indian mobile market. Most of the leading manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung are well known in both low end and high end smartphone segment with its impressive devices. Sometime before, the South Korean mobile manufacturer, Samsung mobiles has unveiled a Android smartphone to its expensive collection of Galaxy brand. The device named as Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 which is to be a great smartphone in both entry-level and mid-market handsets. It is the advanced version of the predecessor which comes with number of notable improvements.
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Recently, the Nokia mobiles has announced a new smartphone to its Lumia lineup and named it as Nokia Lumia 620. It is one of the impressive and much hyped handset from Nokia which also come in this price segment and runs on latest Windows Phone 8 platform. When compared these two smartphones most of the features come similar to ensure high performance in their own segment. The Galaxy Ace 2 comes with low durable compared to Lumia device as it is made by plastic and clunky design which is not much comfortable to use. The Lumia device comes more trendy with high durable material. The device also comes with a dual shot color which makes the device more stylish and better in this segment.
Price wise, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 price in the country is placed at Rs. 18,000 and the Nokia Lumia 620 price has not yet revealed and it is to be expected at Rs. 15,000.

Features and Specifications

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 920
The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 features with a 3.8 inches wide PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen display supporting with 480 x 800 pixels resolution and 16M colors. For providing vivid and crisp display and better viewing experience the device comes with great pixel density of 246 ppi. The smartphone is loaded with exciting sensors that include Accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor and digital compass. While the Lumia device with pretty similar display of 3.8 inches supporting with LCD touchscreen supporting with 800 x 480 pixels. With its richer colour, better contrast and generally superior picture quality the Nokia will sure give a tough competition in this segment.
Even though the handset is initially boxed with a Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system the Ace 2 currently updated to Android’s v4.1, which will ensure great applications that provide great entertainment to the consumers.Along with 800 MHz Dual core processor, NovaThor U8500 chipset and Mali 400 MP graphic processing unit the device provides high performance and multi tasking ability. The Lumia handset is dealing with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform supporting with dual core 1GHz processor and Adreno 305 GPU.
The mid end priced Samsung smartphone is enabled with a 5 megapixel camera with image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels supporting with auto focus and LED flash features to ensure better image quality. The camera also features with Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection. The camera is also capable to shoot high definition videos with resolution of 720 pixels at 30fps. While Nokia device is also integrated with a 5 megapixel rear camera which is capable to ensure great photographic experience as similar to Ace 2. The Samsung mobile phone is integrated with a 4 GB internal user memory and an additional RAM of 768 MB for better performance. The device is also enabled with an external microSD memory card which is expandable up to 32GB. While the Nokia device is enabled with a 8Gb user internal storage memory which comes supported microSD external memory slot which can be expandable up to 64GB.
About the Author : This post is written by guest author on Nokia Lumia 620 and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Both Samsung and Nokia mobiles have similar features and specifications, even price is almost same.

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Happy Christmas 2012

The present generation is devoid of information about the common traditions and most people do not have time to sit to read lengthy books. Therefore, here is a short, quick and easy to read inforgraphy about one of the most common traditions of the West – the Christmas tree. 

As the winter season takes its turn to shiver the world with festivity and shopping, Coupon Refund shares a bunch of fun facts about the Christmas tree and its history. This infography will surely help in answering the why, how, where, when and how much, questions about the Christmas tree.

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I strongly and vehemently oppose the notion that IT industry is misleading the society and forcing it on to the wrong course. Information Technology, or simply IT, is the scale with which the development, both technological and scientific, is gauged and measured. Without IT, any paramount manpower would not suffice the human urge of advancement and development.

IT is the pillar on which the foundation of computing is built and supported. Remove IT and the computer becomes a piece of trash. Remove the Operating System of your cell phone, notebook, PDA and it will serve no purpose whatsoever. If machines, both electronic and mechanical, were built to create, IT provided the platform to implement. IT is omnipresent and a dominating force that can make or break countries, faith, relations and even humanity!

To estimate the need and usability of IT would be like trying to empty an ocean. Still, let us take up a few general examples. Computers were built to perform functions and calculations or tasks that transcended the ordinary range of human thinking. IT brought about the implementation of this concept. What purpose would a computer serve sans the User Interface? Embedded Systems are devices designed to perform functions specific to a device. Remove its firmware and it becomes a child’s toy. The modern day administration of a group, company, state, Nation or Alliances are implemented by the aid of IT. The share market, the defence equipments and weapons, the government records and databases, an individual’s integrity are all puppets of the IT industry. At this stage, with the IT gone, all could crumble and perish without a trace. Believe it or not, if the world is a human body, then the IT industry can represent the veins that reach and connect every intangible corner. Remove the veins and over a hundred hearts would not suffice.

Now, considering the negative implementations, it is seen that any great discovery has the ability to make or break. Yes, IT has led to events such as identity thefts, forged achievements, online frauds, technical breakdowns and so on. This, however, does little to undermine the need, value and importance of IT industry.

The curse of IT is a minute and inconspicuous entity that cannot tend any harm to its importance. I do agree that a few developments like social networking systems, hacking activities etc. can sabotage the life of an individual and ruin his career and life. But, like fire, IT is a good servant and a bad master. There should be a limit up to which personal information should be relayed through the IT. Rest is safe and secure. The chances of failure are slim and it is reliable.

IT was created with a motive to excel and it has been phenomenally successful. The abuses of IT can be curbed by personal safeguard and alertness. In a nutshell, IT has the power to catapult an individual’s life to a new level. New technologies such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and the like have reduced human effort and improved the efficiency of life. Thus, use it with correct precautionary measures and sky is the limit.

Shreyash Jhunjunwala B. Tech CSE