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Twitter the huge social networking service, which has over five hundred million users registered with it, recently further updated its iOS & Android Application to make things better for its users.

Among the various updates, the most significant one is that the search button has been redefined. This will allow users to find information they require more easily and can even access it when they are on the go, using their mobile aapps.
Let us have a look at the features available in the updated versions of iOS & Android Apps:

  • Discover:

    The Discover Tab has greatly enhanced the way you view your information. Now all the information regarding Tweets, Trends, Activity and etc. will appear in a single stream. Earlier this was not so and all the activities were spread across different streams under the Discover tab. Activity here implies to the information regarding which Tweets are popular and have been shared more by people within your network as well as their contacts network . It also suggests to you the accounts that you should follow.

    The information regarding Activity appears just below stories under the Discover tab. All you need to do is just tap on the stories that you would like to know about and check out the tweets, join in the discussions or re-tweet the information. In fact you can even add it to your favorites.

  • Search:

    The updated iOS & Android App has made search much easier and more relevant. Search results as with the Discover tab now appear in a single stream and will show only results that pertain to your requirements.

    Looking for contacts is much faster and easier now. All you need to do in the Connect tab is to start typing the person’s name and it will automatically complete the name for you.

    The iOS & Android App has now also been made available through a search button on Twitter for iPhones, allowing users to search for information while on the go. This feature was already available to Android and iPad users. So now, when you tap on the search option under the Discover Tab you will be able to view the most recent queries you made. You can also directly go to a person’s profile using the Connect tab.

  • Connect:

    This has been redefined to automatically show interactions or what is called push notifications, regarding who the new people following you are, which of your tweets have been shared and which ones have been liked.

    In-case you would not like to view all the interactions and just limit it to mention your interactions; you can do so by changing the automatic settings. This would require you to locate the Connect tab and select the Mentions only option under it.

  •  Links:

    Earlier if one wanted to go to a link, one would first require to tap on the tweet and then when it expanded you would need to tap again to get to the website. All that is now history. With the recent updates in iOS & Android App you can directly access the website with just one tap.

So, if you are looking to download this Twitter application, Android users will need to do so from Google Play and iPhone users from the App Store.

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The Twitter has changed its API and it was announced on Thursday. It has also been noticed that this is not good news for app.net. This is a subscription based Twitter clone which has proven to be the toughest time for app.net ahead. These challenges are not very easy to overcome due to the recent developments in the IT industry.
Twitter Hash Tag

Below mentioned are some of the major issues which have been pointed out by app.net:

  • Lack of users
It has been observed that Twitter calls itself as an information center but it acts as a social network primarily having social graphs, profiles and conversations. App.net on the other hand charges $50 as a yearly subscription fee. Moreover, it has failed to attract the users and paying $50 is not an easy decision. The statistics show that this site has only 12,000 users.
In comparison with Twitter which has millions of users and thousands of more users adding on a daily basis, app.net must reduce to subscription fees. This is because its major focus should be to attract new users rather than making money by charging them a fee. This would help the site win the trust of the users and they would get associated with the site more frequently than ever before.
  • Third-party clients
The users do seem to be convinced with the directory of third-party apps which again has failed to grab the attention of the users. This is because most of them already have multiple accounts on Twitter. They are already familiar with the Twitterrific, Tweetbot, Plume and Echofon. Switching to app.net account is as simple as going from one account to another on Twitter client. In order to deal with the scenario in a better way, it must replicate the Twitter API’s interactions. This may do well to app.net if it wants to grow in the future.  
  • The challenges in using app.net buttons
In case, app.net is able to attract a lot of web services and other content websites, it has to match the Twitter’s tools to maintain its position. This is because Twitter buttons have helped grow this site on the internet drastically. The users of app.net who would only be able to see a Twitter button on an article may not want to share this article on app.net. Without users, content websites may not be of much use for app.net.
Twitter has now been deeply integrated into OS X and iOS; it does not stop app.net from creating its sign in with Twitter version. However, some websites may offer the functionality of integrating it next to Sign in with Twitter and Facebook Connect as one of the methods to sign into app.net. The features of app.net have to be at par with Twitter. One of the most important advantages of app.net is that it will have a very limited spam.  
  • The implementation must be faster
The alpha version of app.net has been released and a new waiting list for the new users. However, it must make sure to complete the development and give a ready to use platform to its users. It will attract more users rather than waiting for a long time. Rather than offering a waiting list, app.net must welcome the new users so that they can be familiar with the entire API.
Twitter Hash Tag
By considering above mentioned factors seriously, it will be possible to beat the Twitter. However, it may not be possible in a few years. The intensive updates and rigorous marketing may help it because it is not easy to make people leave Twitter.  

About Author : Jolie is a highly talented IT professional. He has spent about 8 years in this industry as a project manager. Due to his vast experience and skills, he has started to write articles on Social Profile Registration. His work is commendable and appreciated by the readers.

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SEO By TwitterWhen trying to promote your business online, there are so many methods available for you to utilize. Nowadays, most business owners would resort to Social Media and SEO because these techniques are incredibly well known – Twitter is one of the most reliable and effective tools that you can turn to. More and more people are using Twitter not just for personal purposes, but for business intent. Now, in order to boost your business, it is necessary that you turn your twitter account into an SEO magnet.
The great news is that there are many ways that you can employ so that you can attain your goal in the most successful manner. With determination and drive, nothing is really impossible. Of course, you will also need to utilize the right techniques and methods so that you can reach your goal easily and quickly.
Check out these 7 Easy Steps To Turn Your Twitter Account Into An SEO Magnet:

    SEO By Twitter

  • SEO your Twitter Username– Ensure that your Twitter username is the same with your Twitter domain address. Avoid using underscores or any characters between the words of Username. Make it short, yet catchy. Make it at least 10 characters. A good example is Synergy Professional Services that offers training services. The username should be @SPSTraining.

  • Link your existent URL-Make sure that you use your real website or blog URL so that you can easily build trust with your visitors and possible prospects. This would certainly give them a great reason to access and visit your actual website. Avoid using shorteners on your Twitter profile URL as this could evoke skepticism.

  • SEO your Twitter Bio– You need to be aware that Google utilizes your Twitter Bio content as the Meta description of your Twitter profile on search results. Now, it is recommended that make the most out of the 160 characters limit and make a keyword rich Bio to easily attract possible clients. A great Twitter Bio must be informative, compelling, attention getting and has keywords that represent your business.
  • SEO your Twitter Profile Picture– Your Twitter Profile Photo must be keyword based name separated by dashes. This is necessary so that visitors would easily identify what is the nature of your business. For example: xyz-la-fitness-training.jpg. Also, make sure that your image has limited 250 x 250 for optimal page loading speed.

  • SEO your Tweets– It is also necessary to SEO your tweets so that your site can have more visibility on search results. Your tweets must include keyword hash tags and phrases. According to studies, including keywords in your tweets can increase your search engine rankings. It also a great idea to save your relevant tweets in the favorite category. Getting a lot of retweets would amplify your Social Authority, giving your ranking a boot.

  • SEO Your Twitter Lists– Search engines love Twitter lists, even if this application is just new. Leverage your twitter lists for optimal SEO results. For beginners, it is advised to make your lists public and add keyword phrases in your list name. For example: XYZ SEO. Twitter lists commonly come in unique URLS that can be used on Facebook posts and blogs. Just a piece of advice though, be choosy when filling your lists and avoid making ultra lengthy lists. Followers would only follow good and worthy lists, so ensure that your list is worthy of following.

  • SEO Your Twitter Videos– Another effective method of making your Twitter an SEO magnet is by embedding and sharing videos within the Twitter stream. You can apply both video marketing and real-time search. One useful tip is to make your Twitter videos short, but catchy in order to fit the video into Twitter’s micro blogging nature.

Lastly, make sure that you connect your Twitter profile to everywhere like Facebook, blog website, LinkedIn, Newsletter, etc. In addition, submit your Twitter profile to other Twitter directories such as WeFollow, TwitterHolic and TrackingTwitter. This would allow your profile to become more visible on the Internet, where possible prospects could easily access your website.
What are you waiting for? Follow these helpful and effective tips so that you can turn your Twitter account into an incredible SEO magnet. Indeed, you will be able to reach success in no time. Good luck.
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