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Effective searching on Google search is a powerful skill. Think about how often you skull over to Google to look something up during every frustrated hour of yours. If you understand the secret of a search engine,  Believe me you have the ability and power to find what you’re looking for quickly. As a Technology Geek  ,I have  been frustrated by unsuccessful searches, and sometimes even it was just very challenging to find the right combination of keywords and phrases.

recent study at Illinois Wesleyan University found that fewer than 25% of students could perform a reasonably well-executed search.

Here I am providing you the list of most valuable tip for effective Googling and you at the end you gonna trust me that ” they are effective  “ .  I assure you that by learning and using the tips below, you’ll rank up there with the best of the Google experts out there.


Let’s say you’re looking for content about marketing strategies. Instead of just typing marketing strategies into the Google search box, you will likely be better off searching with quotes. To do this, simply enclose it within double quotes.
Effective search :- marketing strategies


Let’s say you want to search for content about marketing strategies., but you want to exclude any results that contain the term promotion. For  this, Use the “-” sign in front of the word you want to avoid.
Effective search :-  marketing strategiespromotion
Usually you want to search a specific website for content that matches a certain search query Just type  the “site:getsupdates.com” modifier.
Effective search :-   ” google search ” site:www.getsupdates.com


Suppose you want to include a word in your search, but also want to include results that contain similar words or synonyms. For this , Just type the “~” in front of the word of your query.
Effective search :-  : “inbound marketing” ~professional


Hey ,suppose  you are looking a specific type of file on Google with name as your search query .For example, you might want to find only PDF related to marketing strategies.
Effective search :-  : “marketing strategists” filetype:pdf


Suppose  you’re looking for any one of one or more terms to match, then you can use the OR operator. 

Effective search :-  : marketing strategies OR promotion (OR should be capital)
For hacking geeks ,All you  need  is a phone number, you can look it up on Google using the phone book feature.
Effective search :-   phone book: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Suppose you want  to look up the definition of a word , Just Type the “define:” command.
Effective search :-  define:googling
These are the some effective google tips ,practice the and now you are a Google experts

Gets Updates

One of the most invaded platforms in the virtual world is the cyberspace. Every now and then you will have to keep checking if your PC is in its top notch performance and in case you notice it’s performing poorly, in terms of speed, then you have to run a virus scan just to make sure it is not a Trojan spyware or some malicious files which are interfering with all the processes. This also means that IT professionals are put to task when it comes to creating, developing and releasing the most efficient security software for your computer considering there seems to be new viruses coming up all the time. So far the most recent security software that seems to have blown the mind of IT fans is the Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012. The software seems quite impressive right from performance to user interface. Therefore, before downloading it you need to know why it is such a “fancy“;

  • The software is quite renowned because of its installation speed once you are done with downloading it. Actually, the installation process does not take more than a minute after which you will be asked to fill in a form with your email address. This process is normally important especially before you run any scans on your computer. Otherwise, it is a fast process.

Tip: Even though the security software will still be able to scan your computer without having to follow the normal reboot process, it is still recommendable to restart your computer after the installation process is completed. The fact is that it is still more efficient after following this simple process.
  • The Software producers thought that giving the software a user interface uplift would make it more user friendly and that’s true. So far, the new interface is quite simple and easy to use no matter whether you know anything to do with PC technologies. On the other hand, though it is not one of the most intriguing software updates which is still worth mentioning. The software has one of the most simple to use menu bars which include the System Tuner, Parental Control, Security Summary and Subscription.

Furthermore, it has one of the most impressive user interfaces considering you can still get full instructions on how to use the functions stated in the menu bars. In addition, the program UI is quite uncluttered in comparison to other programs and there are better chances one will easily navigate through the menus.
  • One of the things which makes the software have high end type features is the auto-update application. Like other software programs, it is installed with the program which makes it as efficient if not more efficient owing to this particular feature. Actually, the software has gone to the cloud which makes it easier to detect and arrest any attacks before they even get to your computer or file system. This also means that it is quite relevant to the kind of security demanded of late.

Conclusively, this recent security software is still one of the recommendable software’s to have in your system considering the last thing anyone wants is a computer with corrupted files and a highly insecure database.

Most people will agree with the fact that technological advancements have revolutionized the concept of ‘office’. Companies these days do not always require a physical address-rather they can operate all their activities via Internet.

Still, for some companies, location plays a critical role in affecting their sales rate. They require information about location of their majority customers, which allow them to modify their strategies accordingly. Such companies can opt for flash design based maps to acquire necessary information and act accordingly. We discuss the different ways certain companies can take advantage of these maps.
Allows You to Acquire Information about Location of Customers
If you own a company that sells products to local people, you may wonder how this map can benefit you. Well, it is true that your customers may live in local areas. Using a flash intro design based map, however, can allow you to understand location of your frequent customers more specifically. Once you acquire the required information, you can think about setting up an office in these targeted areas.
This will also enhance your sales rate, since your loyal customers need to spend lesser time in reaching your office.
Helps You to Identify Your Business Partners and Boost Sales Rate
Many companies these days now tie-up with other companies for widening their specialized areas, thus reaching out to more number of customers. You can use Flash maps to figure out the routes your customers use for buying your products (if they are not available online). Thereafter, you can set up an outlet at these routes, so that customers require even lesser time to acquire your products.
In case, you do not have the budget or manpower to set up an office now, you can form an alliance with a business partner, whose office is located on any of these routes. This would making it easier for your customers to acquire your products, while saving you from the hassle of setting up a new office.
Lets You to Evaluate Your Growth
Another major advantage of Flash map is that it allows you to track your progress. You can acquire information about the areas where your products have become popular. Additionally, you would be able to know about the areas where you need to market your products more aggressively. You can also track shopping pattern of customers on every day of the week. Using this data, you can modify your operation timings to acquire more profit.
The major advantage of Flash map is that highlights complicated information in a simple manner. To grasp the necessary information, you only need to scan through the map. This saves time and energy. You can also opt for such maps to track your growth and convince clients about your popularity.
In case you do not have the confidence of creating Flash maps, you can get in touch with a popular Flash design company. However, before hiring any such company, make sure that it understands purposes of your company and shows enthusiasm in your project.
———————————————————————————————————————————– Author Bio: Swatilekha Kundu is a technical writer with a background in online marketing. She likes to write and share various article on flash. Present article discusses some valuable information on Flash maps that everyone should be aware of.

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Internet Sequirty

My ISP Finder might very well be among the best online services that you can use when you are trying to find the very best internet service provider in your area. You definitely do want to find the best ISP since this will open the door to getting the best service and at the best deals.

Different ISPs are Available in Your Area
You may be interested in broadband or you might be interested in cable internet. Perhaps you wish to acquire access to new forms of internet such as satellite. The key here is that you want to be sure you have picked the absolute best internet service in your area and the only way to do this would be to pick the absolute perfect match for your own particular needs. Settling for second best can lead you to being very disappointed with the actual selection you make.
You Need the Best Internet Service
Whether you are using the internet service for business, personal needs or both, you definitely will want the right service. Why is this? Basically, you have important reasons for selecting certain ISPs over another one. You may be interested in a certain speed or you might be locked into a particular price range. Finding the very best selection might not be easy when you do not have access to the best choices. Through using My ISP Finder, you might very well be able to pick the perfect ISP in your area. Once you have the right ISP, you can conduct professional or personal business without any trouble.
Cut Down the Time It Takes to Find a Deal
Finding a great deal on an internet service provider is definitely worth the time investment. Very few people would disagree with this assessment. However, there are those that simply do not have the time in which to look for the best ISP available in their area. With a website such as this, it becomes much easier to find a decent ISP since all you really have to do is enter in your zip code. Once this info is presented, you can then move on with making the best selection available within your geographic region. When you waste a great deal of time pouring over manual internet searches for a decent internet service provider, you probably will never come across all the offers that are available. This can lead you to making a selection that just might not be the best one. Doing so can have a ripple effect where you do not get the best use out of that you otherwise would have.
A Simple Internet Search
When you are able to perform a basic internet search to find the top internet service providers in your area, you not only make the process easier. You also increase the odds that you would be acquiring the best service in your area.
Author’s Bio: David Moore a well known author writes articles on internet providers. One will get to know the issues in more details from MyISPFinder.org

Mobile video technology is one of the primary driving forces of smartphones today. Were it not for this technology, smartphones would not have the capability to run most of the applications they do. In this article, Broadband Expert compares high speed internet connections, how mobile video technology makes an impact on our lives and how important it is.
Video Calling
People use their mobile phones to make video calls to each other every day. Video calls are the same as normal calls except it allows you to see the person’s face while you talk to them. It is here that mobile video technology is very important. Were it not for this technology, we would see stuttering videos when we made a video call.
This is because the video technology is unable to process the data fast enough to display it. When a mobile phone receives data, it always decodes it before processing it further. When it has insufficient resources, it will not be able to process a clear and timely picture.Mobile video technology helps overcome this problem by providing mobile phones with the graphics rendering power they need.
If there is one common use of powerful smartphones, it is for gaming purposes. An increasing number of people, adults and children alike, are using smartphones to play games on the go. However, to play games on a portable device, you need sufficient power. Not only do you need a lot of power, you also need power efficiency.
This is where mobile video technology shines. This technology allows us to play visually stimulating games on our mobile phones. No longer do we have to buy a gaming laptop just to play games on the move. Mobile video technology provides ample power to run most games lag-free. Although there are still some limitations, they may be overcome very soon.
Productivity Apps
Time is one luxury that a majority of people do not have. Business executives know and hold this fact to be true. Thus, from this need sprawled the idea of productivity apps. These apps make it possible for people to keep on working without wasting time. If you spend 30 minutes commuting on the subway, you can make it more productive (hence the name) using productivity apps.
However, most productivity apps rely on the mobile’s video technology to run efficiently. If it did not have this technology imbedded in it, productivity apps would not be able to run fast enough to prove useful. They would prove to be more time-consuming than their desktop counterparts. Hence, its importance in business phones.
Wireless Airing
Although a fairly old concept, this technology has only recently been embedded in mobile phones. Many mobile phones can now stream their visual data directly onto a larger or even a projected screen. All that is required is a wireless connection and any user can stream their videos or mobile screen onto a larger external display.
However, this is not something that you will find in every other mobile phone. The mobile video technology required to accomplish this task is not so easily available in every mobile phone. This is one reason why mobile video technology is important in our daily lives. Whether it is a movie or a presentation, mobile video technology allows us to stream our data onto an external display for everyone to see.
Seamless Performance
If there is one thing that mobile video technology does well it is improve the performance of the CPU. By offloading the visual computing load from the CPU, the mobile device is faster. Furthermore, due to the reduced hardware latency, every component of a mobile phone operates faster as well. This is especially true in the case of apps and the camera.

Mobile video technology is an important part of our daily lives. Were it not for this technology, most of our smartphones would have to work harder to produce the same results. This reduces their efficiency and drains their battery faster. From making video calls to streaming a presentation, mobile video technology allows us to do it all. Broadband Expert compares high speed internet connections required to make mobile video technology more effective.