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Today’s in the internet world we can view all the video online on the most used website like YouTube and Vimeo etc …

Although these video available all the time on the internet  but still we always want to collect the favorite video’s in collection, but there is no direct option available in YouTube or any other video streaming website to download it to our library (Local System).

Now the question is , How we can online download the video’s then ?…

So the simple and the best answer is : iSkysoft Video Downloader , Which allow you to download thousand’s of online video and let you to watch on every portable device.

iSkysoft Video downloader comes with lots of feature like:

  • YouTube Video Downloader , Browse your YouTube Video and batch downloading directly on you Mac/Windows in specific format.
  • You can manage and download YouTube Video absolutely free.
  • Smart Recording Feature, Which start recording automatically if it fails to download.
  • It allow you to download all video in YouTube playlist. 
  • HD Video player , which allow you to download existing and new downloaded video of any format.

You can download the YouTube Video in simple three way:

  • You can just click the iSkySoft Download button on video page of any resolution.
  • You can copy and paste link and Mac YouTube Downloader does rest for you.
    1. You can just drag and drop the URL from address bar to iSkySoft Video Downloader.
    2. You can refer “How to Use” for more detail. Hope this will help you collect your favorite YouTube video.

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      With huge advancement in Virtual technologies & social media we get so many utilities to get connected with our friends and families even at very low cost and sometimes maybe free. There are so many online apps available online that can be used for Calls over VOIP or for simply texting. Some of those popular apps are Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc. , that have already been discussed in my previous article.

      Apps to cut down your phone bill

      Today i’ll be discussing about an Super Cool Tool or should i say – a Uber Cool tool “UberConference” that is specifically a Call Conference tool but its features are not limited to just conference call.

      Uberconference is a free visual and conference calling app, that provides a new approach to conference calling. It gives you a crystal clear audio experience while communicating over VOIP. There are so many apps available that can be used for “Conference Call” but the main things that these so called apps lags is Distortion during calling , or Voice Delay and many more connection related problems. Uberconference , on the other hand , helps you to connect with people more efficiently than ever.

      Uberconference give you revolutionary conference experience with its great features that includes a simple & cool User Interface that helps you to use the application more easily. It provides you a cool visual dimension to audio conference calling feature . You can also check to whom you talk more or less , Call logs , Full Access to how users connect with you so that’s there’s no security related issues.

      Some of the detailed features of Uberconference :

      1. No need of PIN – A lot of conferencing service apps uses PIN Authentication system by which a user has to enter some sort of PIN or Password in order to enter in the conference, but that’s an outdated thing. No one want to waste their time in entering the security codes every time. Uberconference values their user’s valuable time and provide you with the ultimate feature which will automatically authenticate you for the conference on the basis of your telephone number.

      2. Visibility – Uberconference have an cool GUI by which you can checkout the other user’s social information (name , photos, etc …) even during the call. All the available user’s will be highlighted so that you get to know the are live.

      3. Call Recording – You can record the whole conversation in conference and then you can either download it then or later for review.

      4 Full Control – You can also mute the people who’s annoying you or if you want someone not to listen your conversation you can use “Earmuffs”, Also you can mute the participants to overcome the noise.

      5. Social Profile – UberConference is integrated with all the top-lined social networks , so that you can get any participant’s detail simply by clicking on their Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profile during call.

      6. Voice Clarity – UberConference offer you crystal clear HD audio on internet .

      7. Low Cost – Uberconference basic subscription is free where you can user free unlimited conference calls or you can either choose the Pro version with more features @ only $10/month.

      8 On Your Smartphone Too – We know you’re nothing without your smartphone , that’s why , “UberConference” is also available to download at Google Play Store for Android Users as well as on App Store for iPhone Users.

      Overview Video for Uberconference  

      Best Training Software 2013
      The most successful training or conference must engage the participants. Failure to do so may result in the audience failing to capture key parts of the lesson or message. It should be the goal of every presenter to find a way to make sure that the audience participates actively. By engaging the audience, people are more likely to remember more details than passive listening or simply watching a presentation. Three devices can be used to make any audience feel like they are part of the presentation and not simply witnessing one.
      Video Devices
      Video is a powerful tool. It is not enough to simply use video during a presentation. Planning must be used to have the most impact. Consider using digital recording to interview participants before, during and towards the end of a presentation. The audience will become more involved when they see themselves and see how each other change during the course of the presentation. Careful planning must be used to make sure that the video can be seamlessly integrated into the presentation.
      Voting Devices
      Giving the audience a feeling of control is one of the most potent ways of capturing and keeping an audience’s attention. Voting devices, also called audience voting systems, can provide the best way of the audiences to interact and participate. Voting can drive the direction of the presentation and give the audience and presenters instantaneous feedback. Various features are available on these devices and can be incorporated into virtually any presentation. The ability to poll the audience provides great insight to the success of any presentation.
      Web-Enabled Devices
      Portions of a presentation can be loaded into web based devices. They can be as simple as mobile web apps or may be separate devices altogether. Often these devices are used to provide feedback and comments on portions of the presentation. Questions can even be submitted through these devices to be addressed by the presenters. These devices can allow the audience to take an active role by participating in the discussion.
      Presentations are powerful tools that allow trainers and businesses to engage a large number of people. Successful presentations result in the audience retaining key points of the discussion. These key points can be used to strengthen marketing, training, brand awareness and more. Using the proper combination of message and audience engagement can provide the best results from any presentation. These devices also provide the feedback so future presentations can be fine tuned to be more effective.
      Author bio: Karlee Wiggins blogs about business and technology. In her spare time she enjoys reading and hiking.

      When ever you work on any project , you must first design the system (A Mind Map ) in flow charts to simplify the work .
      For this there are many utility to draw the project structure , but only problem is they are difficult to navigate , But “concept draw” introduce the new concept for drawing the project diagram in so simple manner , so that a UN-experience bperson can easily navigate it.
      As we know in software development, The system is effective if system have these feature: 
      1. Reliability
      2. Durability
      3. Maintability
      4. User Friendly
      5.  Managable
      and so on ..
      These feature can be enhance if we have a Good Design of the system , because degign is deriectly perposnal to efective system. Simple the design is leads to the developer to work easiely which leads to The System which we actually want.
      Software dfevelopment intial point is designng , if we are unable to degin it ,than it cause a complex system and in future it will not ease to fix any bug occure in system.
      So to overcome these drawback we have to design the system first , Draw all the data transaction , collaboration links, all the state of system , which help us to draw a full flow of system (Flow Chart).
      Now , How to draw A system with ease.. 
      • Just Open the Conceptdraw
      • Now , If you want to try this System , You can use it on the Trail Basses ..  After that you can purchase its pro version.

        Plate-forms with this utility work:
        Macintosh®: Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8)
        Windows®: XP, Vista (32/64 bit), and 7 (32/64 bit)

      • Install it , and draw you Mind Map of the System.
      • Click here for more info

      In my older POST i told you how can you simply use TC- Turbo C in full screen! But its not fully functional means the TC will give an error when you run heavy or Graphics program.

      Here i will tell you how to use TC fully featured in Window 7 or Vista:

      Step 1 : Download and Install the DOSBOX.!

      Step 2: Copy the TC – Turbo C folder in the C: Drive directly.

      Step 3 : Open the DOSBOX from your desktop or from the START, you get the window like :

      Step 4 :  Now Write these set of commands:

      =>  mount d c:tc
      mount is used to create an virtual drive path.
      => d:
      =>cd bin 
      => tc

      Now you get the window like this:

      now press ” alt+Enter” for full screen .

      Now use the TC in full screen 🙂

      Now you can run the heavy and graphics program in this without having any error from the TC.

      But Never Compile the program from ” Ctrl + F9 ” in dosbox its used for exit .

      Use the nav bar . ” Run ” for run or compile the program!

      **Note- Dont forget to change the directory in d:bin for TC