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Dennis Mac Alistair Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 12, 2011), an internationally renowned computer scientist who created the C programming language and also made significant contributions to the development of the UNIX operating system, the early guru of IT has died at age 70.

In 1967, he began working at the Bell Labs Computing Sciences Research Center, and in 1968, he received a Ph.D. from Harvard under the supervision of Patrick C. Fischer. His death came a week after the death of Steve Jobs, although Ritchie’s death did not receive as much media coverage, his influence was comparable.

If we work today on what we do, it’s thanks in part to him, so we are grateful for what he did. He was truly an inspiration to all of us.

In my older POST i told you how can you simply use TC- Turbo C in full screen! But its not fully functional means the TC will give an error when you run heavy or Graphics program.

Here i will tell you how to use TC fully featured in Window 7 or Vista:

Step 1 : Download and Install the DOSBOX.!

Step 2: Copy the TC – Turbo C folder in the C: Drive directly.

Step 3 : Open the DOSBOX from your desktop or from the START, you get the window like :

Step 4 :  Now Write these set of commands:

=>  mount d c:tc
mount is used to create an virtual drive path.
=> d:
=>cd bin 
=> tc

Now you get the window like this:

now press ” alt+Enter” for full screen .

Now use the TC in full screen πŸ™‚

Now you can run the heavy and graphics program in this without having any error from the TC.

But Never Compile the program from ” Ctrl + F9 ” in dosbox its used for exit .

Use the nav bar . ” Run ” for run or compile the program!

**Note- Dont forget to change the directory in d:bin for TC

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===> TC in Full Screen <===
There are two method to resolve TC(Turbo C) problem in Window 7 or Window Vista!
We face many difficulty when we operate the Turbo C or C++ on Window 7 or Vista !
 When we Click on Ignore then we get the small screen Turbo C compiler like this:
Because it build upon the 16 bit configuration so that when we run Turbo C on 32 Bit  System or 64 bit System it will give an error!

Problems In TC On Window 7 or Vista:
1> No full Screen of TC
2>Not able to run Graphics Program on TC
Now How to Simply Work on the TC in Full Screen :

Step. 1.  Start the Turbo C compiler , and click on the Ignore !

Step. 2.  Now go to the upper bar of TC and click left click on that like this on highlight place:

Step. 3.  Now click on ” Properties “.

Step. 4. When you click on the option you get an option like this:
Step. 5. Now change the Font : a) Consolas   or  b) Lucide Console !

Step. 6. Now Select Size=28(Recommended)  or any size you want for your choice !

Step. 7. Click OK!

Step. 8. Its Done!!! πŸ™‚

Note: This full screen TC procedure is not fully functional its Just Give Full Screen View!

For This You Can Refer my another post :

Full Working Of TC- Turbo C in Window 7 or Vista

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For the project development we use DATABASE for store the input to the develop system . Database also use to get the value of the particular element which enter the earlier.
When we develop the system we create the Database on the same system , but the problem occurs when we have to use the system on different system we are unable to copy the data base and unable to send  it Pen-drive.

Here, I’ll tell you how to use the same Database in the different system (Computer ) .
(For Microsoft SQL )
There are two method to copy the Database on another System(Computer).
  1. Only The Database Table Structure ( No Data Entry)
  2.  Copy the Whole Database With Structure as well as Data Entry.
Method 1.  Only The Database Table Structure ( No Data Entry): This is used when we want to give the whole Develop Software to the User, who come to us for the development of the software.
We generate the Scripts for the same database.
Follow steps given below for this method : 
Step 1: Open SQL Express and Login it .

Step 2. Now Right Click on the Database name which you want to copy on another.

Step 3: Go to the “Tasks ” Option .

Step 4: Now Click on the ” Generate Scripts…”.

Step 5: Now an window appears as:

Click Next.

Step 6: Now Your selected database appear , Check the ” Script all object in the selected database” and Click Next

Note: Database you want to copy must be selected

See The Below Image For E.g.

Step 7: Again Select Next, Now You having an option for “Script Mode” : Select the ” Script to Clipboard” option.

Click Next >

Step 8: Now, Click on ” Finish , After the processing completed , close the window

Step 9: Now Open the blank notepad file , Press ” ctrl + v ” and paste the all Script of the database and save the file .

Step 10: Now open the SQL on another computer where you want to copy the Database , First create the same name Database on the another computer .

Step 11: Now Click on the “New Query ” and copy the whole file “Which was created previous” and paste all the content in  the New Query and execute the Query.

Step 12 : Its Done , Now you can able to see the same Database Table in another computer.

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