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As a musician, it can be challenging to get your name out there and share your music if you use outdated, traditional methods of marketing alone. Fortunately, the internet make this much easier and can work in conjunction with your current marketing practices to enhance your exposure exponentially. It is essential that you include online marketing in your promotional plans to better promote and advertise your brand and your music. Here are 5 effective online music marketing and promotion techniques that every musician or artist should consider using.

  1. Use music promotion sites like Tweewoo. Tweewoo is a site specifically for musicians to post, promote and publicize their music. You can even get radio air time or sell your band merchandise online to fans! This is an excellent platform to help you spread the word and connect with other fellow musicians and music lovers quickly, effectively, and authentically.

  2. Utilize Facebook and social media sites. Almost everyone has social media now a days.You can easily access a wide audience and various demographics of all ages, backgrounds and music preferences. Take advantage of Facebook by posting tour dates, links to your music and more. Also be sure to keep your fans updated on Twitter and Instagram! Tweet about what you’re next project is, or Instagram pictures of you on tour and performing!

  3. Have a main landing webpage. While using many different sites is great, it is essential that you have a main website dedicated to your band or your own music. This is professional, shows legitimacy and helps ensure that fans gets the right information. In addition, your main site can help improve your SEO or search engine optimization, meaning that more people will be led to your site increasing your exposure significantly.

  4. Post videos on Youtube. Youtube is one of the best places to share music and get honest, responses from current and future fans. Many musicians and artists got their start via Youtube, so it is worth trying. Plus, it makes it easy for your fans to look up and hear their favorite song of yours right away! In addition, they can share your videos via email or social media with their friends.

  5. Don’t forget about e-mail campaigns! Starting a mailing list is a great way to keep people in the know about your music ventures. Email is the most used tool that people utilize while online, so it would be foolish not to take advantage of this audience. Send out reminders, deals, promotions, tour dates and more via email.

These music promotion tips are proven to work! When marketing and promoting your music, online resources are the most effective and cost efficient option available to musicians and business people alike. Be sure to optimize your exposure to promote your brand and your songs to a wider and more specific audience. Always use a landing page website, utilize social media resources constantly, try music sites like Tweewoo to interact with your fans, post to Youtube and send out email campaigns to your online mailing list! Theses steps will give you great marketing and promotion results quickly, cost effectively and efficiently.

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Lyrics Plugin
Today’s World, its difficult to live without music, Everyone Love Music (“Music Lover“) . some time music help us to express our felling.  Song is incomplete without Music and lyrics.
We often search “Lyrics” for our favorite song’s , But it take effort to search the lyrics from net . Here I’ll tell you, how to get song’s lyrics on your music Player while playing same song.
You play any song whether it’s in English, Hindi, Punjabi or else language , and “get lyrics on your music player directly” and “safe your effort for searching” your favorite song lyrics.
Follows these simple step and take relief from searching lyrics of your Favorite song’s individually.
Step 1: Download the plugin from Here (Choose plugin according to your Music Player).
Step 2: After download this plugin, Install it .
Step 3:  Now Play any song and see the song Lyrics on your Music Player e.g. Window Media Player or else.
Lyrics Plugin
You can get any Language Song “Lyrics Directly To Your Music Player” . I tried it with “Hindi” “English” “Punjabi”.
Step 4: If you are facing any problem , then Go-to Media Player -> Tools -> Plug- ins -> Lyrics Plugin as shown in picture and Checked it .
Lyrics Plugin
Now Play any Music Tracks “Get Lyrics Directly On Music Player”.

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GTalk (Google Talk) is a great IM(Instant Messaging) chat  application by Google.

As there is an option to show status as “Show Current Music Track”, it will Ok when songs are played on Win-amp, But when we play tracks on Window Media Player, Gtalk Doesn’t show the Current Track Played as Status.
Are you facing same problem to show current music track as status on Gtalk, when tracks are played on Window Media Player.

Its because there is no Google Talk Music Plugin for Window Media Player in Window 7

Here I have an solution for that , Follow these steps to see your status as “Current Music Track Name”
  1.  Uninstall Your Galtk and also Gtalk Plugin from your PC.

  2. Its Ohk! if you already have Gtalk setup or you can download it from . Download Gtalk
  3. Now Right click on downloaded file (googletalk-setup.exe) and Click on “Run as administrator”
  4. Now Follow instruction to install Google talk.
  5. After installation , Sign In and set the status as “Show Current Music Track ” .
  6. Now play track on Window Media Player and see the Track Name As Gtalk Status.
Still Have Issue ???????

  • Open Window Media Player

  • Now Go to : Organize >> Option As shown in the picture .

  • An New Window appear  Click On “Plug-ins” >> “Background” options
  • Now you can see Gtalk Plugin , Check the Gtalt Plugin on the right Side .

     >> Apply it and press OK ! Now your Gtalk starts show current Music track as status

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==>Improve Your Music Player Audio Quality<==

We listen the music simply in music player and want to more good quality music player,for this and use many music player like VLC, Window Media, Real Player and etc for sound quality….

Here i will tell you how to enhance the good sound quality with the existing player :

It can enhances your music listening experience by improving the sound quality of music files.

This is a music player plugins DFX.

Step 1. For downlaod it Click Here!.
Step2. Now install it .

Step 3. Now turn on the music player who’s DFX plugin you install like : Window Media Player

Step 4. You can see the DFX automatically start itself when you start the music player .
Step 5. Now change the DFX dynamic audio option
  1. Fidelity
  2. Ambience
  3. 3D Surround
  4. Dynamic Boost
  5. Hyper-bass
You can change it from  0-5 , according to your sound taste!

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===> Sing Like A Singer <===
 Life is boring without Music.

Everyone loves to enjoy music whether it is classical,regional,romantic or any kind of music.  
99.9% of people love to sing but most of them hesitate to sing in front of Audience.    They can’t express themselves due to the lack of  confidence .

Here i will help you to sing like a professional singer with back-ground Music.
Here comes a Music Software which will help you to ” Sing Like A Singer With Background Music ”
Now Test Your Voice With Back Ground Music:
Step 1: Download !  Audacity software.
Step 2: Install it  and restart your computer and run the Audacity from your desktop or Start.
Step 3: Now Go to “File->Open ”  now open the song, with which you want to sing, now your  software window appears as:
Step 4: When you see the song has been loaded in the Audacity,  then go to “Effect” then scroll down and click on the “Vocal Remover” 2nd last option. 

A New window appears as : 
Step : 5 . Now click on “Debug”. When you click on the DEBUG it removes the singer’s voice from the song ( Remove the VOCAL) and only back ground music left .
Step : 6. Now click on the record button :
Step : 7. Now, sing along the music ….

Step : 8. After Recording go to “File->Export-> Audio” and save the recording as .mp3 format.

Step :9. Enjoy singing 🙂
Note : there are many Effect feature exist in the audacity software which you can use from “Effect ” tab.

So enjoy this software and enhance the beauty of the song even better than original number!