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Joomla Advantage

Joomla! has several benefits. Before familiarizing yourself with these, however, it is essential to know about Joomla itself.

What is Joomla?

Derived from the Swahili word ‘Jumla’ meaning all-together, Joomla is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management Systems available. It is used by millions, since it is available free of cost. It allows the publishing content quickly when creating websites, blogs, applications or other similar communities.
It can be used to manage several aspects of websites, ranging from content creation, to updating content and publishing photos, to arranging credit card processing.
What is the difference between Joomla and other commercial CMS solutions?
Most other solutions come with a variety of packages, including different features for different prices. Joomla, on the other hand, is a complete package, providing all its features free of cost! It is evidently better than the others, with the proof being that it has been downloaded more than thirty million times!
Is a CMS website search engine friendly?
Yes, CMS is the ideal platform, and it is Search Engine Optimized perfectly. The ideal HTML layout makes page reading easy for web crawlers. Also, the URL can be search engine friendly, too, by incorporating keywords in them.
The control with which it provides you
Hiring a third party to develop your website through Joomla provides you with the advantage of working on an open platform, so that you can easily retake control when they have finished. You do not need to be associates with any design company and can hire any Joomla developer you like to build your site.
What is LAMP technology?
LAMP technology is similar to propriety software, except that it is not as expensive. It includes open-source strategies are widely used today. PHP, for example, is a LAMP technology that is leading the market of websites and applications today. These technologies are mostly preferred because of the quality solutions they provide, as well as the economical costs at which they are available.
Is a CMS web site difficult to maintain?
The ease Joomla provides is perhaps the best thing about it! Once it is installed, it does not necessarily need to be handled by a professional. You do not need to possess technical web design knowledge in order to manage a website created through Joomla. In fact, the management is so effortless and handy that anyone who has basic WordPress skills can manage a Joomla website.
Decentralised Editing
Another feature that makes Joomla easy to manage is the fact that it can be used to edit or update a website from any browser. In fact, you may even use it through your smartphone. Thus, the need for having a certain browser or device to use Joomla is eliminated.
Can Joomla be used to multilingual websites?
Using Joomla effectively caters to this problem, since this CMS solution is aimed at running websites that are offered in multiple languages. In fact, the management is extremely straightforward because of one platform or office that manages every language!
Joomla is extremely convenient in this regard. It works by analyzing a user’s system and automatically displaying a website in the users recognized language. However, the user has the option of switching languages if the user wishes.
Joomla has particularly helped tourism websites in this regard that are visited by users from areas throughout the world. The sites provide the convenience of switching languages, while also being ranked high on search engines.
7 benefits of Joomla to Other CMS
  1. Not tied to just one company
  2. It is easy to manage
  3. Has multiple language support
  4. Is free of cost
  5. Has Attractive designs
  6. Has Lamp Technology
  7. Is SEO friendly
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