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Carbon Fiber Skins, iPhone

If you have ever had your smartphone slip from your hand and shatter, or you have seen one that has, you know that this disaster is costly and must be prevented. Offering superior protection for your phone that is light weight, thin, and fits like a glove is the mission of the carbon fiber nexus 5 skins. By using materials bound together with heat and pressure, this superior grade, official 3M vinyl composite cover takes the pressure off of you by providing both safety and personalization for the device you depend on most.


Employing carbon fiber to produce a cover that is exceedingly strong, light weight, and one which can also be molded into the desirable texture of materials such as leather, metal, or wood in the exact colour desired, these covers are guaranteed to shelter your phone in elegance while they resist scratching and fading themselves. Protection of this caliber will not only prevent downtime due to the loss of a functioning phone, it will also increase your phones resale value when you upgrade to a new model. High-end skins such as these can be found online from quality retailers such as dbrandinc.

Carbon Fiber Skins, iPhone

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For years, this technology has been useful in both the weapons and aerospace industries. Now it is available to shield the everyday electronic devices which you depend upon. Whether you are a parent driving carpool or a civil engineer at the job site, the essential device which guarantees your success is the cellular smartphone. Such an important tool demands a superior cover to shield it from disaster. Without adding bulk or weight, these protective carbon fiber cases save not only money, but time and critical information in preventing your smartphone from shattering if it slips from your hand or off your work station.

The carbon fiber nexus 5 skins also offer you an opportunity to personalize your device by choosing unique texture and colour combinations. With a customized case, there is less chance you will pick up someone else’s phone by mistake. Experts agree that carbon fiber technology provides protection in an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable case. While such covers cost more than the standard plastic case, the added strength, beauty, and security are worth the money. Rubber or hard plastic phone covers are extremely bulky and not very stylish. They wrap your phone in a layer of protection but sacrifice functionality for protection. Many hard plastic covers make it near impossible to use volume and power buttons without pressing extremely hard to activate the phones abilities. The carbon skins are incredibly strong, while still offering sleekness and style.



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The majority of users are waiting for the next smartphone from Apple – iPhone 6 – this year. Unfortunately, the hype around iPhone began to gradually subside with each passing year after the 4th model launched. Therefore, it is possible that the sixth iPhone model of will not be nearly as popular as it was in the beginning.
Global audience perceived iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 much cooler than its early models New iPhones will not cause that “wow

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In the brimful 2013, the fresh gossips for Apple’s next-Gen iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5S release dates are already jumping to acquire the momentum. As far as Apple mobiles are concerned, gossips are gossips but earlier the same source had furnished and verified correct information’s regarding the third generation iPad’s and iPhone 5. So we have reasons to accept the news from the source about the upcoming Apple releases. As per the reports of the trusted source iPad Mini 2 will lineup in October and iPhone 5S will target the release date in July month this year. Additional information and updates from the source suggests about the product code names and the other product particulars. This imply us clues about the company’s aim for this year.
Apple Iphone 5S Release
Apple Iphone 5S
Around the world Apple admirers are anxiously holding off for the next generation iPad and iPhone. A few months before Apple came up with iPhone Mini but many customers and reviewers kept their hands away from the smaller iPad variant. The mini variant lacks the Retina display which is associated with the full sized iPad. As per the reports from our sources the new iPad Mini 2 will the first first mini variant to attribute a Retina display. According to sources, iPad Mini 2 will give the similar experience of first generation iPad mini and hopefully it will withhold the design of its forerunners. The second generation iPad Mini 2 min is codenamed “J72

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Older generation iPhone's
Older generation iPhone’s
Ever since the first iPhone was released in 2007, each year Apple has released a new version, and each year people are willing to part with a lot of cash to get it. Most people naturally want the latest iPhone because of the hype and buzz surrounding it, but a closer look at the pros and cons will show that getting an older generation iPhone may be the wiser choose.

It will be better, but not by much

The first iPhone was a revolutionary product that completely changed the smartphone industry. Now, new iPhones are generally considered the best in the market, but they are not revolutionary. Each new iPhone does offer improvements, but not by much. The smartphone industry has reached the point of where phones will improve gradually but not by leaps and bounds as they used to before.

Past models still are top notch phones

Apple is known for making products that have a long life cycle. Older models of iPhones are still very competitive phones, even when compared to the newest smartphones on the market. They can satisfy all the basic phone uses plus much more with the wide variety of apps that are available.

You can get the latest software for free

The good thing about iPhones is that a new software update is almost comparable to getting a new phone. Apple is very good with supporting their older generation iPhones and provides free updates for phones that are even several years old. That way you can keep up with the times without having to spend money on a new phone.

Save money

Thanks to prices drops and subsidies, you can get an older iPhone for free with a two year contract. That is a great deal considering that iPhones generally hold their value very well. You can even get the previous generation iPhone for a major discount at most carriers which just might give you more bang for the buck than buying the newest model. Apple also usually has great deals on refurbished iPhones.
When considering all the pros and cons, it really makes more sense to buy an older generation iPhone versus buying a new one. With an older model you can save money while getting many of the same features and services that you would with the latest model. Plus Apple engineers such good phones that even an older model will not be too far behind the leading models on the market. 
Author Bio:
Melisa Cammack is a self-admitted Apple fanatic, who has been freelance writing for several years. Purchased through Bell, iPhone 5’s features have both amazed and disappointed Melisa, but still firmly believes that other mobile phone(s) cannot compete.

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iPhone5 Comparison
iPhone 5
Is this the time when smart phone users will be left with a choice to choose the best operating systems for them? Will it be Windows, Android or iOS? The choice takes us straight on the most talked about phones right now which are Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. Each of them can claim to be the best of all time.
Apple came up with its latest release iPhone 5 with iOS 6 which set records with its pre orders. It’s increased display size of 4inches the users will finally get something bigger than the earlier version having 3.5 inches. iPhone 5 comes up with iOS 6, the latest operating system that Apple is offering. It has a dual camera with rear-facing 8 megapixels and front-facing 1.2 megapixels. Currently Carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are offering the iPhone in 16GB, 32GB & 64GB respectively. With all new design iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever produced.
Nokia Lumia Comparison
Nokia Lumia 920
On the other hand Nokia will be releasing its latest phone from the Lumia series, Nokia Lumia 920. It will be featuring Windows 8 mobile operating system. With a Dual-core 1.5Ghz S4 Processor and 4.5 inch display Lumia 920 will turn out to be one the best phones by Nokia. Lumia 920 has a rear-facing 8.7 megapixels and a front-facing secondary camera as well. With mapping system integration, Nokia claims that it is the best one ever. According to the reports Lumia 920 will be releasing in AT&T and Verizon in October and November respectively.

Samsung SIII Comparison
Samsung SIII
Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8inch Super Amoled display. It is loaded with 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor and Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). S3 has rear-facing 8 megapixels and a front-facing 1.9 megapixel secondary camera. It comes in Pebble blue and marble white color with 16/32/64 GB and with an expandable Micro SD. It is one of the best phones Samsung has yet produced. With the latest technology and amazing touch S3 has made his mark on the smart phones market.
Samsung has covered a good market with its latest phone but with iPhone 5 already out in US, UK and many more markets, is ready to spoil the party. Whereas Lumia 920 just around the corner has already made people sense the atmosphere of ground breaking competitions. With so much in these devices, the choice is made quite difficult. Let’s see if the long wait of the Apple user pay off or Nokia steals the show from Apple on its release of Lumia 920.
Samsung SIII,iPhone 5,Nokia Lumia Comparison
About Author:
Sophia Taylor is a student and a blogger. Her writing basically revolves around technology and writes for all the latest trends in the field of Technology. More over write stuff about iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones and other Apple products. Working on different blogs is also one of my passions. Currently works on Apple Earnings.

Advancements in technology gave rise to the invention of many gadgets into the technical world. Of those gadgets smartphones are by far the most revolutionary. A smartphone can be used for a number of day to day activities that need to be done for a business. Some of the best smartphones are listed below with corresponding business applications.

iPhone 5:

iPhone 5 is featured with elegant specifications like: 4-inch display of LED-back-light with 640 x 1136 pixel resolutions and multi touch capacity; 8 MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash ability, runs on Dual-core 1.2 A6 processor along with the iOS6. Business apps on this device are:
SharePlus– used to communicate with teammates, share files and other.
Quickoffice Pro– you can create, edit & view files and give presentations.

Samsung Galaxy S3:

This gadget is for the people desiring for a sleek design and the best performance. It works on Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) android OS with clear clarity screen and LED focused camera. Commerce useful applications are:
GoToAssist– solves the technical problems of users by connecting instantly to their PCs.
ABBYY Card Reader– useful to find details of contacts like name, company’s web address etc.

10-inch Tablet: iPad retina display

It has an improvement of the big screen, graphical tools, better camera quality etc. If you are in trade, then here are some useful applications:
Roambi analytics– transforms trade reports into any form quickly.
E-TRADE– you can do trading on your smartphone easily.

MacBook Air:

It is one of the best laptops with glossy design and works on 1.7GHz dual-core Intel core i5. Major specs include 128GB extensive storage capacity, external supportive ports, supports all video and audio formats etc. Tools for business are:
Pages– an app used for creating elegant documents, letters and others.
Numbers– you can make catchy charts and spreadsheets etc.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:

Featured with a body of 193.7 x 122.4 x 10.5mm weighing 345gms.It has rich content, multi touch capacity, 3.15 MP with smile detection and works on ICS android OS and others. Useful apps are:
Cisco WebEx– connect web conferences from anywhere through your tab easily.
Contact Plus– Organises contact and group list, send e-mail or SMS quickly.

HTC One X:

It has a 4.7 inch screen of Super IPS LCD2 with multi touch capacity, 8MP camera with LED flash, auto focus and capacitive audio focus. Some of the tools in this device are:
WorldCard Mobile– You can transfer scanned snaps of work and documents instantly.
Wavelink Avalanche– Easy control your wireless networks.

Nokia Lumia 800:

It is the initial smartphone based on Microsoft Windows Phone OS with AMOLED display of multi touch capacity. It has HTML5 browser, micro SIM card and all video audio support. Useful apps are:
NSR Reader– reads all formats of documents and saves in its position.
Advanced Call Manager– manages your distinct phone calls and synchronize them.

Google Nexus One:

Developed with the improvements of: touch sensitive controls, trackball navigation’s  extensible 32GB memory slot and other. Business apps are:
My Task Q– organize all your tasks and alerts you with repeated alarms and reminders.
Business Travel Logger– customizes distance entities, local currency, journey expenses etc.

Kindle Fire:

Kindle Fire has a 7-inch display, WiFi capacity and 8GB internal memory. Trade beneficial apps are:
Skype– used for making free video calls throughout the world.
CNN– updates the latest business news etc.

IPhone 4S:

It has a 3.5-inch screen with 115.2 x 58.6 9.3 mm dimensions, works on A5 processor, noise dropping capability, 8MP camera.
Evernote– user-friendly app to make note of all activities, voice reminders etc. 
OmniFocus– task management app, voice transcripts, image capturing etc.
Using above smartphones and their apps it will be easy for you to do professional work quickly and stress free. If you run short of money to buy a Smartphone, then opt for same day cash loans which provide you with the required money.
About the Author:
My name is Michelle. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance :). Catch me @financeport

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Apple’s long awaited iPhone 5 was finally released on Friday, September 21, 2012 to an eager consumer market. It is the first Apple smartphone to contain 4G LTE connectivity speeds, a four-inch screen and a brand new, redesigned, smaller dock connector. With record numbers of five million units sold in the first weekend of its release, the iPhone 5 is certainly proving its worth as the most successful device to come out of Cupertino, California. However, nothing is perfect, not even an Apple iPhone. Users are still able to enjoy the privilege of unlimited long distance, but the device is missing certain features that could have made it that much closer to being perfect.
The Top 3 Features Missing from the Apple iPhone 5
The Top 3 Features Missing from the Apple iPhone 5

Near-Field Communications Technology

A key phone feature that is severely lacking in the iPhone 5 is NFC or near-field communications technology. NFC is a feature that has been available in a number of Android powered smartphones for some time, and it is also making an appearance in the brand new Windows Phone 8 smartphones that are coming within mere weeks. Near-field communications makes it possible to use your smartphone for storing credit and debit card information so that you can make payments directly from your device. It also allows for wirelessly charging your phone, which is something that is included in Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 phones the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. Many users would enjoy using these perks with the iPhone 5. Prior to the phone’s release, it was widely believed that Apple was planning to include it, but it was overlooked this time around.

More Customization

Many of Apple’s critics have longed for an iPhone to have more customization, which is a phone feature Android allows. The ability to add widgets is seen as being favorable; as it allows the user to more quickly get to the apps they use most. However, Apple has bypassed this feature in the iPhone 5 and merely added an additional row of icons as the screen is now a half-inch longer. While iOS does include a small measure of customization, it is more restrictive due to being a closed platform. It would be nice to simply get to a widget when you intend on making a call with your plan’s unlimited long distance, but this is not a possibility.

Better Battery Life

Perhaps the feature consumers are complaining about the most that has been overlooked is a considerably better battery life. The iPhone 5 sports a battery that is only 1440 mAh, which is on the small side when comparing it to the size battery boasted by many Android and Windows Phone devices. Coupled with iOS 6, the battery has been draining quite fast, which is something that is less than acceptable in a smartphone that runs on 4G LTE speeds.
Author Bio
Jennie is a mobile phone specialist offering premium internet throughout Canada, as well as voice and data plans to her valued clients.

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Apple iPhone 4S – an incredible iPhone has recently hit the tech market. Its amazing features, user-friendly interface, stability and iOS are what make this iPhone a grand device to the mobile users. With advanced features and technologies, this iPhone is believed to be ahead in time.
It is better to take a quick glimpse at the stunning features of this enticing iPhone without lingering further.

The very first time you picked up an iPhone, you have learnt how to operate it. The multi-touch interface of iPhones functions by the movement of your fingers. The simple yet beautiful Home screen is the best place to start with. The App Store includes more than 500,000 apps besides the in-built ones. Whether it is editing video with the aid of iMovie or making some FaceTime call, everything is done by the touch of your fingers. Just touch it with your finger and the task will be done!!! MORE FEATURES MORE FUN
A wide array of features makes this iPhone an innovative, powerful and a fun-to-use device.

Notification Center – What’s there in your device? – This is one place from where you will get to know this. Get notified for friend requests, calendar invitations, missed messages and so on. No scope of missing any notification! Check out the summary of the notifications while swiping down from any screen.
iMessage – Here is your opportunity to text with all your fellow friends using iPod, iPad and iPhone operating on iOS 5. You can now enjoy unlimited messages with this new feature on your iPhone 4S. If words cannot suffice your messaging, use videos, photos, contacts and locations.
Reminders – No more of missing any important errand, deadline and grocery items – thanks to the Reminders app! Keep a note of what is scheduled for your work as well as note down all the locations and due dates fixed for your task.

Photo Editing – Removing red eye, rotating, enhancing and cropping photos can all be done by just touching the photo. No need of taking the assistance of any photo-editing software. You can easily organize the shots I albums.
Camera Enhancements – This novel feature allows you to use the camera of your iPhone even when the screen is locked. Get the right shot with pinch-to-zoom gesture and grid lines.
Biggest Selection of Mobile Applications – The iOS platform in Apple iPhone 4S offers you the biggest compilation of mobile applications in the world. Third-party developers get a rich combo of APIs and tools. The games and apps in this phone redefines the mobile technology altogether.
Industry Leading Stability and Performance – iPhone 4S has the most advanced operating system – OS X – of the world and therefore, it has rock-solid stability and speedy performance. iOS ensures that neither the battery life nor the performance hampers your multi-tasking with multi-apps.
You can now control your child’s activity with the iPhone with the aid of parental control in iOS. Pose restrictions for Location Services, FaceTime, Camera, YouTube and loots of other such stuffs. You can even prevent the access to all the items in App Store and iTunes Store.
There are also other outstanding features of iPhone 4S enabling it to operate all across the world. This iPhone can understand more than 20 languages. Can you imagine? Make endless calls and surf the internet with this latest iPhone in your hand.
Author’s Bio: Any issue with your Apple iPhone, you can refer to Paul Smith, an eminent technical support engineer of MyTechSupportStore. Our online tech support service is available to you round the clock.

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The Mobile App that Recognizes Your Face
 THE BOON What wouldn’t you do for a smartphonethat recognizes everyone in the photos you take with it? Just take a snapshot of anyone and everyone and the handset will reveal the identities of the people in the photo.
 Isn’t this another reason why you have to sell used cell phones immediately? 
This is now very much possible with KLiK, a new iPhone mobile app that performs real –time facial recognition and automatically identifies and tags family and friends who are in the photo. 
Face Recogzines Iphone
Face.com, the technology platform that created the app, manages to launch the latest revolution on facial recognition. The invention stemmed from the consumer need of photos being taken at parties or any events yet only a few actually get tagged.

By the integration of the famous social media platform, Facebook, the app can now scan you and your friends’ photos to develop a facial profile of everyone in a user’s network. Whatthe apps does is that it identifies people and matches faces in the photos taken, and uploads them to their profiles. The limitation of this application resides in the fact that it is exclusively connected to Facebook- that means only the friends in a user’s network can be identified. Yes, you cannot use your iPhone to take photoof a stranger and possibly reveal his identity.

I guess your resolve of selling old cell phones is getting firmer and firmer at the moment. Nonetheless, you can use this app in learning mode especially if the person is a non-Facebook user (that makes him belong to the remaining 2% of the population, just kidding!). You can teach the app to determine the person’s identity by manually entering the person’s name on the phone.

This is not the only surprise that KLiK has to give: iPhone users can also apply Instagram-style filters and share photos via Facebook, Twitter, or their personal emails.


Although many seem to be impressed by the new app’s capability, some critics are still skeptical about the possible security and privacy issues it may spawn. But according to Gil Hirsch, CEO of Face.com: “This system has been engineered from the get-go to preserve privacy and also deliver a social fun value and nothing creepy.”

This is not the first time that Face.com has released revolutionary tech platforms that successfully went tothe realms of gadgetry. The company, established in 2009, has already created apps like Photo Finder, a Facebook app that scans friends’ pictures to identify shots of you that were never tagged.

Face.com also provides technology for Facial detection. This is different from facial recognition in that it only reveals relevant information from the person in the photo and does not reveal its identity.

The company is proud to say that KLiKis approximately 90% accurate.

If you are thrilled with KLiK as a mobile app, I suggest you sell old phones now so that you can get a great sum of cash to buy an iPhone!

Author Bio: Maristella, a content writer and a web promoter for Cashforsmartphones where you can sell items like your SmartPhoneand laptop online. “She’s definitely just an average geek who wants to write, talk and know everything about technology. Interested in fashion and design as well but not as much as her desire for gadgets and technology.”

Samsung’s new Galaxy SIII will be launched by the big 4 national U.S. wireless carriers this month. The phone will be carried on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile. This is the first Samsung phone that will have the same name across all U.S. carriers making it easy for consumers to identify. The SIII is the iPhone’s biggest contender in the smartphone battlefield.
Android’s new in app billing subscriptions on Google Play (Android’s App Marketplace) and the launch of this phone is great timing for application developers. Google has made it easier for developers to charge for virtual goods and upgrades by standardizing in-app billing. Android users will receive an email after every transaction keeping them informed of new charges and when it’s time to renew their subscription. Users can cancel their subscriptions at any time – go to My Apps in Google Play, view your subscriptions and cancel as needed.
Google says it’s also offering an HTTP-based application programming interface (API) that will allow developers to extend subscriptions beyond Android devices. Users can subscribe to something on Google Play, and access the same content then via a desktop web browser. Apple’s in-app billing does not offer this option. Could this put Android at the top?
Google app developers can now attract a new audience of consumers. They can target desktop users – allowing data to be accessed from their PC and mobile device – a great feature that could prompt enterprise adoption. Developers can create apps that will accessible on tablets, desktops and mobile devices. This convenience will allow them to charge a slightly higher subscription price since their app can be launched on multiple platforms. 
Enterprise tablet applications that allow word processing, spreadsheet editing and presentation management are priced on average at $14. Imagine if those applications could be used on multiple platforms their face value would increase tremendously. These advancements will not only benefit developers but productivity in the workplace. 
A new phone, new in-app billing, new application options, more developers, bigger marketplace – the opportunities are endless.
About Author : Farrah Pappa is a web content editor for CodingInsights.com.