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We are familiar with Torrent , Its is the global sharing center , where any one can share from his computer to other.  if you need nay application , Patch , and other content which are not easily available or not available free of cost , you can get easily from torrent.
But the only disadvantage is, In torrent file download, the downloading speed depended upon the peer/seeker of the specific file, So you can say downloading speed of a torrent file is directly processional to the No. of peer’s/Seeker’s.
So we have to wait for the response of peer’s , sometime we find no peer’s are available,this causes , our torrent downloading stop.
So to overcome this problem we use IDM (Internet Download Manager) , whose downloading speed is dependent upon the speed of your network, and other advantage of downloading torrent by IDM is we do not need to upload a single byte over torrent. 🙂
So Here I’ll tell you how you can download Torrent by IDM
Step 1: Search and Download Torrent File(Which file you want to download) in your computer from torrent search engine or by using Google.
Step 2: After Downloading Torrent File (.torrent) , Click Here
Step 3: Now upload torrent file from you desktop by clicking on “Upload .torrent file”, after selecting file  Click on “Go!”.
Step 4: Now it asking for account preference “Free” or “Premium” , click on “Free” .
Step 5 : Now you can see , this web site start downloading the torrent’s file on their server with very high speed (Max i see is 32MB/Sec ).
Step 6: it take 1-2 minutes for 1GB size torrent’s file , after this site done with downloading , Click on “Zip” to download .
Step 7: Now , it again asking for account preference , select again “Free” or you can buy premium account too for unlimited downloading.
Step 8: Its done , Enjoy The Torrent Downloading experiance with IDM , with a relaible and standard speed , and no need to upload a bit too.
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Crack IDM
As i discussed in my previous post -How to Crack IDM-Internet Download manager all version! , But still some people having problem in cracking IDM .

Here i will tell you, another method by which you can easily crack your IDM , by following some simple steps.

Step 1 :  Download the Key-Generator Click Here!

Step 2 : Run it,  Then Click on “Patch Server Check” then Click on “Clear Previous Registration Data” then last Click on Generate :
Crack IDM

Step 3: Copy the Serial Key , and open IDM .

Step 4: Go to , Registration – > Registration  ( In IDM)

Crack IDM

Step 5 : Fill the other information and Serial key ,  Now check your IDM is cracked.

Note : But Not update the IDM , If u want to update it , again use this crack or visite my old post : Crack IDM-Internet Download manager all version!

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crack IDM
 There are many tricks to crack the IDM-Internet Download Manager but all are disable when you update the IDM or may be IDM blacklist the Cracked key enter by you.

Then you have to find new patch or new key to run the IDM again . 

Hear I will tell you how to patch the IDM of any version with a single patch file . for e.g. IDM 5.7,6.0 etc

Follow these step to Crack the IDM:

Step 1.  Download The Patch !

Step 2. Copy this patch file and Paste it in the IDM-internet download manager folder where you install it!

Note : By default path is: C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager

Step 3. Click on continue for copy.

Step 4. Now click the patch file to run it .

Step 5. Click on the patch in patch program!

Step 6. Its Done!:)  , Check your IDM ,Its Registered . 

Step 7. If you want update the IDM then after update repeat the Step 1 – Step 6.

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Crack IDM
===> Crack IDM 100% Working<===

As in my blog’s previous posts, i had discussed how to “Crack IDM permanently !”  and “Crack IDM-Internet Download manager all version!” but still some user have issue with cracking of IDM.

So here i will discuss a new method to crack IDM (Internet Download Manager) which is 100% working

***Note:- Please Proceed Step By Step , otherwise your IDM crashed!

GO through these steps :
Step 2 : After Download ! Copy IDMan.exe .
Step 3 : Open the Path where you install the IDM(Internet Download Manager) by default path of IDM installation  is    “C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager”.

Step 4 : Now Press “Ctrl + V” for paste IDMan.exe on the same path (Folder) , Now you got an “Copy File Window“, where you have to choose “Copy and Replace” option (As Rounded with RED line).
Crack IDM
Step 5 : Now, you got “Administration permission” window, press “Continue” to proceed further.
Crack IDM

Step 6 : Its Done ! Now Double click on “IDMan.exe” to run your IDM(Internet Download Manager)
Step 7: Enjoy Your Crack IDM !

*** Note- Never Update IDM- Internet Download Manager!
If u have issue with this you can refer my another IDM post:

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