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As we Know, in Today Generation ,Our Data is the most important thing, So we don’t want take chance with it. Cloud Computing Give us a best way to store our Data at cloud servers by sync. it via PC, We just need to copy and paste the data file in specific folder of cloud service provider, which is automatically uploaded on server.

What is cloud Storage ?

At most basic level, a cloud storage system needs just one data server connected to the internet. A client sends copies of files over the Internet to the data server, which then saves the data. When the client wishes to retrieve the data, he or she accesses the data server through a Web-based interface pointing to that service provider. The server then either sends the files back to the client or allows the client to access and edit the files on the server itself.

Advantage ( With Cloud Storage , What can you do ? ):

    • Anywhere/anytime, we can access our data without carrying any Pen drive or hard disk.

    • Free of cost. Initial service.

    • Don’t  worry about Hard disk Crash and other failure (Data is safe on server side).
    • Access your important files anywhere in the world.
    •  Sync your files from any computer.
    • Online Edit and Save .
    •  No need to carry external hard disks.
    All we need only Internet Connection and PC.
    Google Drive Sky Drive Dropbox cloud computing
                                  2GB *       +         5GB          +           7GB**     =   14GB (Initial)
                                  8GB          +         5GB          +            25GB    =    38GB

    Various Cloud Storage Providers : 
    The top three are,

    1. GoogleDrive , 
    2. Skydrive
    3. Dropbox

    * in dropbox we can increase Free Space by referral upto 8 GB.

    ** In Sky-Drive , we can upgrade our space upto 25GB free of cost (After 3 Month from account creation) 

    => “Google Drive” As it’s launched by Google Few Days Ago , It just only Provide 5 GB Free Space . 

    Detail Overview:

    DropBox Vs/ Skydrive Vs/ Google Drive


    Drop Box, Sharing Online

    Dropbox Gives you Free space of 2GB, 8GB by referral and with subscriptions up to 100GB at $19.9 per month, available on website. To get dropbox storage, first you have to create a account, to create a fast and easy account click here

    After creating account, download Dropbox, to download dropbox click below.

    After downloading the file, run that file and  Click ‘Yes’ to accept the User Account Control settings dialog and Follow the instructions to get Dropbox set up on your computer and choose a drive to create dropbox folder. Now when you are done, open that folder and simply copy and paste your files there, they will be start syncing immediately in background process. Its Simple and easy.

    Access EverywhereGoogle Drive is launched few days ago and provided by Google itself, to get a  Google Drive  service, you must have a Gmail/Google account, Google Drive is also  a platform, where you can sync your files from your PC. Google provides you storage more than Dropbox i.e 5GB, also you can purchase upto 100GB at $4.99 per month. To go to Google drive, click here, after downloading, an installer will run and allow permission after the installer completes downloading and , now follow the instructions and choose the drive where you want to create the folder of Google Drive. Its also simple, fast and easy. Now simply just copy paste your files there and they will be synchronized to your Google drive account.

    Sky Drive cloud storage

      SkyDrive service is provided by Microsoft, Skydrive  provides you (new users) a space of 7GB, which is highest among all three, but the old users can claim their extra space i.e 25GB by login into their account in a limited time period. This is a very good service known by all. it provides you highest storage space at very affordable cost i.e 100 GB at INR 2600.00 ($48.8) per year, you can also attach your files to send your files from skydrive. To access this service, you must have a Hotmail or Windows Live account,

     To get one click here,  To download skydrive, click below.

    Download Skydrive app

    These all three providers,  provides you facility of sharing files with your friends and runs on all platforms, except Google Drive on ios (soon run).

    So think Smartly and start Securing Your Data by, Choose your Service smartly and manage your space online with the new technology Cloud Storage.

    If you have any questions, Please leave your questions below.

    ===>Now Don’t Worry About Your Data<===
    Simplify Your Life
     In This article we tell you how to use the DropBox For Oline storage of data!
    Step 1: You have to sign up @DropBox at : Click Hear! For 2.25GB Storage Space.
    Step 2: After Sign up Download the drop box for your PC like environment. Click Hear to:  Download!
    Note: It give you an DropBox directory Means: You have the folder of drop box in your c drive : You have to place file folder or etc , which you want to make safe on server side .
    This application automatically upload the content @DropBox.
    Step 3: After Download -> Install the Drop Box->Sign In using your Account detail .
    You Find Drop Box on : C:UsersComputer_NameDropbox 

    You can find DropBox In C: Drive As Shown in picture
    After Click on DropBox you can find some folder , You just copy paste the data in this folder which you want to safe on server side.

    With Using This You Are Able To Use Drop Box!

     For More Detail Click Hear!

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     ===>Always have your stuff when you need it<===
    Drop Box is Online storage social site .As the name suggest Drop Your Data in empty Box, In which you can store your important data. It doesn’t have limit of uploading data like gmail and yahoo. So fell free and save your important data @DropBox.

    By Click Hear you will get the  2.25 GB online storage space @DropBox:   Click Hear! 

    Recovery of data: 
    • Now a days you don’t to worry loss of data by window crash and lost or crash of external storage disk.
    • You can Simply Store Your Data on internet and recover by download it again when ever you want .
    • Its very simple way just log in and click the file from your stirage to download.
    • Its the very safest ways to import/export data.

    Recover Of Important Data

    ===>Keep Your Data With You<===
    • Doesn’t need to keep the external data storage device with you.
    • Where ever you go Data With You with 100% safety. 
    • Just login @DropBox and get your data where ever you want.

     ==>Share Data With Friend<==
    • Now you can share data with friend just send him link of your data.
    • You can share  direct a folder with any Friend
    For E.g.
     You live in Delhi and your friend or family member live in US . You have 250MB Memory data .
    1. Now You Don’t Need To Mail The Pics In Many Mails.
    2. Just Upload the Pics folder and share it with your friend.
    3. Now your friend need to only download this folder on her/his computer or mobile.
    Note: You can access DropBox through Mobile as well as Computer/Laptop/Notebook.

    To Now How To Use DropBox In More Detail Just Click : Get More Detail!