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Window 7 have an incredible inbuilt tool “Bit locker” which is very useful in protecting our drives from other’s, and also its encrypt the data within the drive so if our hard disk is going to crash, still our data will be safe in the Bit locker enabled drive’s.

I myself use bit locker on my laptop and copy all my important data into the bit locker. One day suddenly my laptop’s hard disk crashed due to windows boot failure and I was not able to reinstall another window, so I used the portable Hard disk case in my PC, What I saw was all the drives were corrupt and I was unable to open them, but only the drive which was Bit locker enabled was safe. I unlocked the drive and got all my important data.

From that day I use bit locker on all my drives except BOOT drive (in which Window is Installed); because during boot time if the drive is locked then we will be unable to boot and the request for the key to unlock the “Boot Drive” without start up window.


 As shown in the above picture, Drive D is encrypted by “bitlocker” , if you want to unlock it you have to enter password or a key which is generated at the time of bitlocker configuration on this drive.

After unlock , one can access your data which is permanently safe in this encrypted drive.:)

Now I will tell you how you can make your drives, protected by using Bitlocker:
Step 1: Open My Computer (or Press Window + E Key) 
Step 2: Now Right Click on the drive, in which you want to enable bitlocker.
Step 3: Click on “Turn on BitLocker” as shown in the picture given below:

Step 4: Now it will ask you the way you want to unclock this drive :

I would suggest you to use , Password option , just check “Use a password to unlock the drive” and click Next.

Step 5: After that , you have to save a recovery key with various option:
Save Recovery Key to a File , with 2nd option in computer and latter on save it on cloud or another safe place where you can get it easily later on.
Step 6: Click on “Yes” , then Next,and then system ask you  “Are you ready to encrypt this drive?” Now click on “Start Encrypting” to start setup .

Step 7: Now a window appear as such:

Click on the close , it will be still working in background , it takes lots of time depending upon the size of your drive , when its 100% completed then ,the bitlocker drive encryption is done and your files are now safe.

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Moving your database from one server to another in SQL Server 2008 can be done using a variety of ways through SQL Server tools.
I. Detach the database from the server to which it is currently attached and then attach it to the new server. You can accomplish this using SQL Server Management Studio as follows:
Detaching a database using SQL Server Management Studio:

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio. In the Object Explorer, set connection to the SQL Server Database Engine instance and then expand the instance.

  • Click ‘Databases’ and choose the database you need to detach.

  1. Right-click the selected database, click ‘Tasks’, and then ‘Detach’. The ‘Detach Database’ dialog box is displayed.

  • Check if the database you need to detach is displayed in the ‘Databases to Detach’ grid.

-Select the ‘Update Statistics’ check box if you want to update the current optimization statistics for your database.

  • Deselect the ‘Keep Full-Text Catalogs’ check box if you need to remove all full-text catalogs corresponding to your database.
  • The ‘Status’ column shows either of the two states-‘Ready’ or ‘Not Ready’.

  • If the column displays ‘Not Ready’, additional hyperlinked information about the database is provided in the ‘Message’ column. If the database is used for replication, the ‘Message’ column shows ‘Database Replicated’. If there are active connections to the database, the ‘Message’ column shows ‘ Active connections’. To remove all the active connections, you should select the ‘Drop Connections’ check box.

  • If you are ready to initiate the process, click ‘OK’.

  • Attaching a database using SQL Server Management Studio:
  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio. Open Object Explorer, connect to the SQL Server database Engine instance, and expand this instance.
  2. Right-click ‘Databases’ and select ‘Attach’.
  3. An ‘Attach Databases’ dialog box will be displayed. In this dialog, click ‘Add’. In the ‘Locate Database Files’ dialog box, locate and select the ‘.mdf’ file of the database you need to attach.
  4. You can also give the database a different name while attaching it to the SQL Server instance. To do this, type in the desired name in the ‘Attach as’ column on the ‘Attach Databases’ dialog box.
  5. You can also change the database’s owner by providing a different name in the Owner column on the dialog box.
  6. After finishing with the above steps, click ‘OK’.
The entire process is performed offline and does not copy the database, rather transfers the file from one server to another.

Database from one server to another
II. Take a backup of your database on the old server and then restore this backup on the server to which you want to move your database. This is an online process that results in the creation of a new database on the destination server.
Different types of SQL Server backups:

  •  Full/Database Backup:

Full database backup consists of everything within your database including the transaction log. This type of backup will exclude unallocated extents in the files.
  • Differential Backup:
Differential backup contains only the newly allocated or changed extents. They keep track of all the changes done since the last full database backup.

  • Transaction log Backup:

Transaction log backups contain all the changes made to your database. These changes are recorded serially. With these backups, you can easily restore your database to a desired point in time.
The foremost step in backing up and restoring SQL Server databases is to devise a backup and restore strategy, considering the available resources and time. A backup strategy will determine the type of backups and their frequency. If you choose to backup only the database, you will lose all the modifications done by transactions since the last full database backup. In case you plan to backup database with the transaction log, you will lose only the uncommitted changes.

III. If you intend to copy your database, you can do so using the Copy Database wizard in SQL Server Management Studio.
Follow the procedure given below to copy or move a database and its objects from one server to another using the Copy Database Wizard:

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio. In the Object Explorer, right the database you need to move, select ‘Tasks’, and click ‘Copy Database’.

  • Specify the source server on which the database to be copied resides.

  • Specify the destination server to which you need to copy your database.

  • Specify the database to be moved or copied.

  • Provide a different name to the target database in case name conflicts exists on the destination server.

  • Specify the other objects you need to copy or move to the target database, such as logins, shared objects, maintenance plans, etc.

  • Fix a desired schedule for the copy operation.

  • Provide a SQL Server Agent Proxy account that has permissions to access the Integration Services (SSIS) Package execution subsystem.

When databases are copied from one server to another, the Copy Database Wizard checks whether the database is online after completing the scheduled task.
About the Author: Jyoti Prakash is Sr. Technical writer who has written several article on How to recover SQL server data from corrupt mdf file, without backup, and from suspect mode.

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It is commonplace for organizations and even small business setups to use MS Outlook nowadays. In addition, the home users depend on this application for managing their email data. It incorporates a set of powerful tools to keep your information safer and help prevent losing work. However, you may sometimes end up deleting your business-critical emails in an attempt to clean up the mail folders in your Outlook PST file. This can have a serious impact on your business.
There are three different ways in which you can delete emails in MS Outlook.
I. Using ‘Delete’ Key:
This is pretty simple and quick way of deleting items in MS Outlook. You can select an item in your mail folder and press the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard. You can also do this by highlighting the item and then clicking ‘X’ icon on the Outlook toolbar. The items deleted by this method are moved to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. You can go to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder and restore these items to their original location. To permanently delete the items, click ‘Empty Deleted Items Folder’ on the ‘Tools’ menu.
II. Using Shift + Delete:
This method is also known as ‘Hard Delete’. Most Outlook users do not want to take pains in order to delete those items that consuming their valuable quota space on the server. They tend to permanently delete items by using the ‘Shift+Delete’ key combination. The deleted items are not moved to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. So, you cannot recover them through a simple restore. This can also be done by pressing the ‘Shift’ key and clicking the ‘X’ icon on the toolbar at the same time.
III. Moving Emails to a PST File:
When you move items from your Outlook mail account to a PST file, they are permanently deleted from your mailbox. You will not be able to find them in your mail account after this move.
MS Outlook 2007 allows you to easily recover items that are permanently deleted from your mail account. To do this, you need to use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007 account.
The Exchange administrator sets a retention time for all the items that are permanently deleted on the server. You can only recover the deleted items within this time.
Below mentioned is the procedure for recovering deleted items using the ‘Recover Deleted Items’ feature in MS Outlook:
• Navigate to the folder from where you deleted your emails. Click ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Recover Deleted Items’.
• The ‘Recover Deleted Items’ dialog box is displayed. Choose an item to be recovered and then click ‘Recover Selected Items’.
• Each recovered item will be restored to the respective folder from where it was deleted.
In case you are not using MS Exchange Server, you can still recover your deleted Outlook emails through professional Deleted Email Recovery software. These tools have a knack of scanning the entire Outlook PST file for retrieving your deleted emails with the original formatting and text. These tools are fast, reliable, and risk-free. Further, they support MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000

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Today there are only few people who take a site as just a hobby. It goes without saying that your business or job position depends on the website workability. The irretrievable loss of the latest version of files and databases can be just a pity, but in most cases it can be a tragedy, like a loss of source of income.
Of course, today’s hosting providers are reliable enough and such cases are few and far between, but they are not so rare to ignore them. The sites are hacked damaging the data base and infecting files. Also server software failures or even fires in data centers can happen.
The web hosting control panels, such as DirectAdmin, cPanel, ISPConfig, GPLHost, ISPmanager have different ways to backup sites. BUT it’s worth checking up if you can restore the site from backup copy made by these means. You may face the next difficulties – backup is done rarely, irregularly, and sometimes it does not exist at all. Big sites have another problem – the backup fill the place given by the provider for the website itself, that’s why you can’t make copies frequently because of the rapid filling of disk space.
But there is another problem – a copy of the site can be physically present at the same hard drive as the site itself and if it’s crashed, both of them(the website and backup) simply disappear.
Small and medium-sized hosting providers often neglect the use of serious backup systems, because it costs more. And the standard means of backup service used by hosting providers are not always fully workable. We don’t talk about large hosting services, for which such data loss can severely hit their reputation, but there are over 20,000 web hosting providers and not all of them are giants. If you think about the additional data backup of your site, it is easy to do – you can merge the backup files of your site using any free FTP client such as FileZilla, and creating a dump of the database through PhpMyAdmin – just select your database and click “Import” button.
It can easily be a part of your daily routine, combining for example with the morning coffee. If there are multiple amount of sites, so your coffee can be outlasted , that is why you should intrust the program BackupSF (http://www.backupsf.com/) with this routine. The program’ll independently and regularly backup files of your site and database on your local computer. You’ll just need to enter username and password, database name data, user and password and the address of the database server and set a regularity of backup. If you do not trust the reliability of your hard drive – use the sync folder of Dropbox, SugarSynk, Google Drive, or a similar cloud service storage as backup folder in the programe BackupSF.
The data backup is considered to be the most reliable if only the backup copy is stored in three different places. They are – a backup done by your hosting provider + copy on your PC + copy of your web site in the cloud service – you can be completely tranquil.

Author Bio : Post Submited by Liliya

4 Sync Cloud Computing
4sync offers one of the largest free storage’s for you to keep your files at hand. 4Sync provides 15 GB of storage space online. Another 4sync benefit is its sync applications for such operating systems as: Windows, Linux and Mac OS as well as for Android phones, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.
It uses practically the same technology other file synchronization services offer.
4sync creates a folder on your desktop where the program is installed. All files and folders are copied to this folder and automatically synchronized with your online storage. 
4 Sync Cloud Computing
If you install 4Sync program on other computers or mobile devices the files will also be synchronized with them.
4 Sync Cloud Computing
This way you can access important files from anywhere once you install the application on your computer.

The first thing you need to do is to log in the application and create a free account.

4 Sync Cloud Computing
By default the application creates a 4sync folder within the user folder but you can select another location for the folder. It’s a final installation step of the 4sync application.

4sync app’s icons are placed on the background of the system tray

 To open the 4sync folder double click on the icon.

4 Sync Cloud Computing
You can also open 4sync folder via your operating system file manager clicking the 4Sync icon.

You can open your 4sync account, browse files, keep track of the used space, the history of synchronized files and access the application options.

You also can define the location of folder, set upload and download limits for the synchronization of files, configure a proxy.

4 Sync Cloud Computing
Among other options you can also access your synchronized files and folders from computers that do not have the program installed.

Just visit 4sync website, login to your account to access the 4sync files.

Download 4sync for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.

Note: During installation of the application it offers to install the 4shared toolbar which is unnecessary for the application execution.

Stay tuned and uncheck this option if desired.

About Author: This Post is written by Sam Gilmore

As we Know, in Today Generation ,Our Data is the most important thing, So we don’t want take chance with it. Cloud Computing Give us a best way to store our Data at cloud servers by sync. it via PC, We just need to copy and paste the data file in specific folder of cloud service provider, which is automatically uploaded on server.

What is cloud Storage ?

At most basic level, a cloud storage system needs just one data server connected to the internet. A client sends copies of files over the Internet to the data server, which then saves the data. When the client wishes to retrieve the data, he or she accesses the data server through a Web-based interface pointing to that service provider. The server then either sends the files back to the client or allows the client to access and edit the files on the server itself.

Advantage ( With Cloud Storage , What can you do ? ):

    • Anywhere/anytime, we can access our data without carrying any Pen drive or hard disk.

    • Free of cost. Initial service.

    • Don’t  worry about Hard disk Crash and other failure (Data is safe on server side).
    • Access your important files anywhere in the world.
    •  Sync your files from any computer.
    • Online Edit and Save .
    •  No need to carry external hard disks.
    All we need only Internet Connection and PC.
    Google Drive Sky Drive Dropbox cloud computing
                                  2GB *       +         5GB          +           7GB**     =   14GB (Initial)
                                  8GB          +         5GB          +            25GB    =    38GB

    Various Cloud Storage Providers : 
    The top three are,

    1. GoogleDrive , 
    2. Skydrive
    3. Dropbox

    * in dropbox we can increase Free Space by referral upto 8 GB.

    ** In Sky-Drive , we can upgrade our space upto 25GB free of cost (After 3 Month from account creation) 

    => “Google Drive” As it’s launched by Google Few Days Ago , It just only Provide 5 GB Free Space . 

    Detail Overview:

    DropBox Vs/ Skydrive Vs/ Google Drive


    Drop Box, Sharing Online

    Dropbox Gives you Free space of 2GB, 8GB by referral and with subscriptions up to 100GB at $19.9 per month, available on website. To get dropbox storage, first you have to create a account, to create a fast and easy account click here

    After creating account, download Dropbox, to download dropbox click below.

    After downloading the file, run that file and  Click ‘Yes’ to accept the User Account Control settings dialog and Follow the instructions to get Dropbox set up on your computer and choose a drive to create dropbox folder. Now when you are done, open that folder and simply copy and paste your files there, they will be start syncing immediately in background process. Its Simple and easy.

    Access EverywhereGoogle Drive is launched few days ago and provided by Google itself, to get a  Google Drive  service, you must have a Gmail/Google account, Google Drive is also  a platform, where you can sync your files from your PC. Google provides you storage more than Dropbox i.e 5GB, also you can purchase upto 100GB at $4.99 per month. To go to Google drive, click here, after downloading, an installer will run and allow permission after the installer completes downloading and , now follow the instructions and choose the drive where you want to create the folder of Google Drive. Its also simple, fast and easy. Now simply just copy paste your files there and they will be synchronized to your Google drive account.

    Sky Drive cloud storage

      SkyDrive service is provided by Microsoft, Skydrive  provides you (new users) a space of 7GB, which is highest among all three, but the old users can claim their extra space i.e 25GB by login into their account in a limited time period. This is a very good service known by all. it provides you highest storage space at very affordable cost i.e 100 GB at INR 2600.00 ($48.8) per year, you can also attach your files to send your files from skydrive. To access this service, you must have a Hotmail or Windows Live account,

     To get one click here,  To download skydrive, click below.

    Download Skydrive app

    These all three providers,  provides you facility of sharing files with your friends and runs on all platforms, except Google Drive on ios (soon run).

    So think Smartly and start Securing Your Data by, Choose your Service smartly and manage your space online with the new technology Cloud Storage.

    If you have any questions, Please leave your questions below.

    =>> Recover Deleted Data <<=
    As we use many removal device to store our data like “Pen Drive, Hard Disk, ” .
    Sometime it’s corrupted due to failure or accidentally we delete the important data from removal device, then we have to face many problem due to the data lose.
    This data is difficult to recover.
    Here I will Discuss about the Toll By Which U can Easily Recover Your Data From Memory Card, Pen Drive, Hard Disk etc…
    Step 2. After Download, Install it and Launch the software. Press “Next”
    Step 3. Now Choose the File Format which you want to recover for e.g. Image,Song,Document etc .
    Step 4. After Choosing file format, You can choose various option for location where you stored your file.
    For e.g. If the Data is Deleted or corrupted from Pen Drive then you have to choose Pen Drive Location, Then Click on “Next”
    Step 5. Now Select “Enable Deep Scan” Option and Click on “Start”.

    Step 6. Then, This Tool process for file searching, and after some time it show the deleted file.

    Step 7. Now It show many deleted file , You have to choose the file which you want to recover , After selecting Click on “Recover”.

    Step 8. Now give the path where you want to restore file.

    Step 9. Its Done 🙂 ! If you face problem then see the Demonstration example given below.

    Demonstration :-

    Lets take an example , I have a folder “Data123” in which i store my picture, accidentally i deleted the folder name as “Data123” From My “C:/temp” Drive now see the step how i recover my Data123 Folder “Picture’s”.

    Now My data is in image format so i choose picture,
    Now My Picture was stored in C://temp/Data123 so i chose the folder path, From “In a specific option”,
    Now After Choosing the Path Click “Next” and after this
    Check the “Enable Deep Scan” Option and then click on “Start” For Start the recovering of Data.
    Now , it take some time for the processing to search deleted file.
    After Processing, you have to choose files which you want to recover back, Select File by checking it and click on “Recover”.
    After this you have to give the path where u want to store the recover file. Like “here i recover files on the same folder”.
    My 4 file which i click for recover was succesfully recoverd on the same folder.

    Now Its Your Time To Get Back Your Data 🙂

    Share This ! Because Sharing is Caring

    ===>Now Don’t Worry About Your Data<===
    Simplify Your Life
     In This article we tell you how to use the DropBox For Oline storage of data!
    Step 1: You have to sign up @DropBox at : Click Hear! For 2.25GB Storage Space.
    Step 2: After Sign up Download the drop box for your PC like environment. Click Hear to:  Download!
    Note: It give you an DropBox directory Means: You have the folder of drop box in your c drive : You have to place file folder or etc , which you want to make safe on server side .
    This application automatically upload the content @DropBox.
    Step 3: After Download -> Install the Drop Box->Sign In using your Account detail .
    You Find Drop Box on : C:UsersComputer_NameDropbox 

    You can find DropBox In C: Drive As Shown in picture
    After Click on DropBox you can find some folder , You just copy paste the data in this folder which you want to safe on server side.

    With Using This You Are Able To Use Drop Box!

     For More Detail Click Hear!

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    For the project development we use DATABASE for store the input to the develop system . Database also use to get the value of the particular element which enter the earlier.
    When we develop the system we create the Database on the same system , but the problem occurs when we have to use the system on different system we are unable to copy the data base and unable to send  it Pen-drive.

    Here, I’ll tell you how to use the same Database in the different system (Computer ) .
    (For Microsoft SQL )
    There are two method to copy the Database on another System(Computer).
    1. Only The Database Table Structure ( No Data Entry)
    2.  Copy the Whole Database With Structure as well as Data Entry.
    Method 1.  Only The Database Table Structure ( No Data Entry): This is used when we want to give the whole Develop Software to the User, who come to us for the development of the software.
    We generate the Scripts for the same database.
    Follow steps given below for this method : 
    Step 1: Open SQL Express and Login it .

    Step 2. Now Right Click on the Database name which you want to copy on another.

    Step 3: Go to the “Tasks ” Option .

    Step 4: Now Click on the ” Generate Scripts…”.

    Step 5: Now an window appears as:

    Click Next.

    Step 6: Now Your selected database appear , Check the ” Script all object in the selected database” and Click Next

    Note: Database you want to copy must be selected

    See The Below Image For E.g.

    Step 7: Again Select Next, Now You having an option for “Script Mode” : Select the ” Script to Clipboard” option.

    Click Next >

    Step 8: Now, Click on ” Finish , After the processing completed , close the window

    Step 9: Now Open the blank notepad file , Press ” ctrl + v ” and paste the all Script of the database and save the file .

    Step 10: Now open the SQL on another computer where you want to copy the Database , First create the same name Database on the another computer .

    Step 11: Now Click on the “New Query ” and copy the whole file “Which was created previous” and paste all the content in  the New Query and execute the Query.

    Step 12 : Its Done , Now you can able to see the same Database Table in another computer.

    Share It! Sharing Is Caring ………

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     ===>Always have your stuff when you need it<===
    Drop Box is Online storage social site .As the name suggest Drop Your Data in empty Box, In which you can store your important data. It doesn’t have limit of uploading data like gmail and yahoo. So fell free and save your important data @DropBox.

    By Click Hear you will get the  2.25 GB online storage space @DropBox:   Click Hear! 

    Recovery of data: 
    • Now a days you don’t to worry loss of data by window crash and lost or crash of external storage disk.
    • You can Simply Store Your Data on internet and recover by download it again when ever you want .
    • Its very simple way just log in and click the file from your stirage to download.
    • Its the very safest ways to import/export data.

    Recover Of Important Data

    ===>Keep Your Data With You<===
    • Doesn’t need to keep the external data storage device with you.
    • Where ever you go Data With You with 100% safety. 
    • Just login @DropBox and get your data where ever you want.

     ==>Share Data With Friend<==
    • Now you can share data with friend just send him link of your data.
    • You can share  direct a folder with any Friend
    For E.g.
     You live in Delhi and your friend or family member live in US . You have 250MB Memory data .
    1. Now You Don’t Need To Mail The Pics In Many Mails.
    2. Just Upload the Pics folder and share it with your friend.
    3. Now your friend need to only download this folder on her/his computer or mobile.
    Note: You can access DropBox through Mobile as well as Computer/Laptop/Notebook.

    To Now How To Use DropBox In More Detail Just Click : Get More Detail!