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Crack IDM
As i discussed in my previous post -How to Crack IDM-Internet Download manager all version! , But still some people having problem in cracking IDM .

Here i will tell you, another method by which you can easily crack your IDM , by following some simple steps.

Step 1 :  Download the Key-Generator Click Here!

Step 2 : Run it,  Then Click on “Patch Server Check” then Click on “Clear Previous Registration Data” then last Click on Generate :
Crack IDM

Step 3: Copy the Serial Key , and open IDM .

Step 4: Go to , Registration – > Registration  ( In IDM)

Crack IDM

Step 5 : Fill the other information and Serial key ,  Now check your IDM is cracked.

Note : But Not update the IDM , If u want to update it , again use this crack or visite my old post : Crack IDM-Internet Download manager all version!

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crack IDM
 There are many tricks to crack the IDM-Internet Download Manager but all are disable when you update the IDM or may be IDM blacklist the Cracked key enter by you.

Then you have to find new patch or new key to run the IDM again . 

Hear I will tell you how to patch the IDM of any version with a single patch file . for e.g. IDM 5.7,6.0 etc

Follow these step to Crack the IDM:

Step 1.  Download The Patch !

Step 2. Copy this patch file and Paste it in the IDM-internet download manager folder where you install it!

Note : By default path is: C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager

Step 3. Click on continue for copy.

Step 4. Now click the patch file to run it .

Step 5. Click on the patch in patch program!

Step 6. Its Done!:)  , Check your IDM ,Its Registered . 

Step 7. If you want update the IDM then after update repeat the Step 1 – Step 6.

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There are many type of virus which harm your PC , To make  PC safe(secure), we use various anti-virus like Kasper-sky , Norton,  ESET etc….

But these anti-virus tools make your SYSTEM slow and you are facing slow performance of your operating System. But we have to Use these tool make our PC,and Data secure!

Now, Here I tell you a new tool which safe your PC from external viruses which come from USB or any removal drive.

How to use it :

Step 2: Install It !

Step 3: After Install , run the software and Goto :”Information” .

Step 4: Now u can see a register option Near to version option .

Step 5: Click It, and insert the option:

Name : ledworld

serial : BHJDH17937

Step 6: Now Quit the software , and restart it Check Now your Tool is registered.

Step 7: Now when ever you connect any removable disk it automatic run and give you the detail of all virus contain in the Removable disk!
Step 8: Now you got the option like Delete And Delete-all, Click on delet all to remove all virus contain in the removable disk.

Step 9: Its Done 🙂

Now enjoy the performance of your PC without using antivirus.
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The main problem of cracking the anti-virus is we have to change the key again and again when its blacklisted. 
So we have to search the new key to reactive the ESET smart security.
Hear I’ll tell you how to crack the ESET Smart Security For life time!

I search for many cracking technique and got a permanent solution for crack of ESET . I found a solution which automatically find the latest key and insert it into the ESET

So follow these step to crack ESET permanently :

Step 1. Download and Install  ESET smart security , and restart the computer !  Download!
Step 2. After restart download the cracking software and install it : Download!
Step 3. Install the TNOD and it start search the new latest key!

Step 4. Check your ESET smart security  ! Its Licensed! 
Step 5 Now every time you connect the internet , The TNOD automatically find the latest key and  insert it in ESET!

Step 6: Its Done !

Note : You permanently cracked ESET.

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There are many way to crack the window 7 but after some time your Window key is BLOCKED and your window get pirated then you have to change the key or find other trick .

Hear i will tel you the permanent solution for crack Window 7:

Step 1. Download the loader : Click Here!

Step 2.  Then run the Loader, Click : Select Task.

Step 3. Select your company name for e.g. LG, HP, DELL.   Then you got the company logo!

Step 4. Now click on the ” Activate Slic Present” , Then after 1 or 2 second you got an new window of option : Please select your certificate.

Step 5. Select your company brand and Click on : INSTALL

Step 6. Wait for minute  , then click on : HAZAR OPTION 2 , wait till finish then restart your pc.

Step 7. If any one want not use these setting he/she can directly click : “Non Slic Option 1” Followed by “Hazar Option 2 ” Reboot the pc.

Step 8. Now go to MY COMPUTER -> Right click the Open : Properties Then u see window in activated with ur pc tag which you selected..

Step 9. Now You got window Genuine, but it temporary to make it permanent: Download It!

Step 10.  Run this software and Choose “Remove Wat” when it completed all is set.
Step 11. Its ,Done!:)

Note : please do all procedure step by step.


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Crack IDM
===> Crack IDM 100% Working<===

As in my blog’s previous posts, i had discussed how to “Crack IDM permanently !”  and “Crack IDM-Internet Download manager all version!” but still some user have issue with cracking of IDM.

So here i will discuss a new method to crack IDM (Internet Download Manager) which is 100% working

***Note:- Please Proceed Step By Step , otherwise your IDM crashed!

GO through these steps :
Step 2 : After Download ! Copy IDMan.exe .
Step 3 : Open the Path where you install the IDM(Internet Download Manager) by default path of IDM installation  is    “C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager”.

Step 4 : Now Press “Ctrl + V” for paste IDMan.exe on the same path (Folder) , Now you got an “Copy File Window“, where you have to choose “Copy and Replace” option (As Rounded with RED line).
Crack IDM
Step 5 : Now, you got “Administration permission” window, press “Continue” to proceed further.
Crack IDM

Step 6 : Its Done ! Now Double click on “IDMan.exe” to run your IDM(Internet Download Manager)
Step 7: Enjoy Your Crack IDM !

*** Note- Never Update IDM- Internet Download Manager!
If u have issue with this you can refer my another IDM post:

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