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How To Schedule Your Twitter Posts

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Social media seem to gobble up many people’s time what with activities like changing status and keeping track of other people’s stats. You invariably end up spending a lot of time glaring at a bright screen at the cost of many other activities like hanging around with friends, visiting a relative in hospital or doing grocery.


What if you could schedule your tweets  and leave a software to the job for you?  Doesn’t it make eminent sense to leave a good amount of time for something else other than sit glued to your hand-helds or PCs?  You can do it but even so, something like chatting has to be done manually and in real-time, be assured of that.The best apps that make this possible are Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck though there are many others too.



This is in many ways superior to the other two apps under discussion here. That perhaps explains the fact that it is more popular as well. In fact, this app is more popular than many pop stars! In addition to great interface, Hootsuite has a very good analytics. You will have to pay for it, though. You can also use it in many accounts in various social media websites.  


Hootsuite has an interface that enables you to track your social media activity. You can also analyze data for free but on a limited scale. So, go for the paid facility. Link shortening is done by owl.ly. This can be used by multiple partners. Your accounts in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn can also be brought into its ambit.  Hootsuite can auto-schedule a post by using its algorithms which indicate the best time to post an entry.




If you want to share something interesting with your contacts, you can “add it
Stella Kessler is a self taught programmer. Her most recent project was coding a well flowing business directory software. She is also great at ergonomics and UI and thus also plays a part in the design aspect of her projects. Some of her work can also be seen at repwall.

When ever we are writing technical stuff related to programming we need to add code snippets for reference , we use “code” html tag with some css customization but now we no need to made so much effort as there are too many websites which provide code snippets hosting system …

Here I explain how you can use GitHub to host your code snippets and how you easily add it to your site.

GitHub is a online project hosting using Git. Includes source-code browser, in-line editing, wikis, and ticketing. Free for public open-source code. you can easily add you code globally and can add it to your site as well as share directly.

gist github

Follow these simple step to add code snippets to blog:

Step 1  Go to gist(dot)github(dot)com

Step 2  If you already have GitHub account then Signin to your account else SignUp a new account with github (it help you to track all of your code snippets).

Step 3  You can seen fields for “Code Snippet Description”, “Name of File”, “Language of Code”, and field for you code snippet. Now fill all the fields according to need …

For E.g.

Description : Change active Class of navigation according to current tab URL on page load using jQuery.
Name Of File: Active Navigation Selector jQuery
Language of Code : JavaScript
etc …

gist github

Step 4 You have 2 options

  1. Create a Secret Gist
  2. Create a Public Gist

if you want to share your code block publicly then click on Public Gist else click on private

Now you snippet is saved on github , now you only need to copy the code from “Embed this Gist” Field and paste it to your blog where you want to share it …
Here is the E.g . with jQuery Snippet. 

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For a majority of webmasters and bloggers ranking higher over different search engines were simply a piece of cake for them. They were seen relying over a number of simple and easy SEO tips and tricks, which could helped them to come over the first result pages of Google and other search engines without much hassles or time. However, these tips and tricks worked well only till Google embarked with certain new updates like Panda and Penguin two years before. With these updates, Google upgraded its algorithms and came out with smarter ways to penalize people who were relying much over things like duplicate content and similar other things. Google and other search engines are no more lenient about these things; they now penalize the sites, practicing the old back hat tips and tricks. Now, it’s time to change your old tips and tricks for effective SEO for your site or blog.

The strategy for Content

Earlier, the webmasters and SEO experts were able to index higher with the help of spun content, which helped them to get backlinks. Spun content is simply changing some words and rephrasing several paragraphs to develop a new version of the article. By rewriting the current content and replacing the same with new words can help them to get unique content to certain extent. However, with new updates coming from Google simply penalized such content based sites. This is because most of the spun content is pitted with grammatical errors and other similar issues, which is barely readable by the visitors. Now quality content is the priority of Google, so if you are not able to produce quality content, which is not only unique in words and information, you are not bound to rank high over different search engine results. So the first tip for SEO, which you need to change, is to produce quality and interesting kind of content.

The blog comments and forum posting

Earlier people relied over automated blog commenting and the forum positing system, which was among the most popular black hat SEO technique. A number of tools helped webmasters and bloggers looking ahead to get higher ranks over search engine results to find low quality links without much hassle and time. If you look at these comments, they happen to be very much generic and not able to produce quality results. However, with the Google updates embarking, these now fall under low quality links, which eventually hampers the ranks of the sites to a great extent. So to change this old and black hat technique, all you need to do is to stop relying over these automated tools, and do things manually with quality and more relevancy factor.

Replace the links wheels with guest posts or social media strategy

Another inexpensive SEO solution was to use the spun content to generate a link spam, which helps in getting higher rankings. The link wheels are basically a kind of link pattern, which is developed simply to help in promoting the rankings of any website. These are generally employed with a blend of links, which narrows down their link juice over any single web page. With the advent of Google updates, these techniques are no more valid. These are now being replaced by other popular and effective SEO techniques like guest posts or even trying your hands over social media sites.

Final word

The advent of Google updates like Penguin and Panda have simply changed the rule of the optimization game. Earlier the black hat SEO techniques that worked well are no more valid to rank higher over different search engine results. If however, you still follow them, make sure you get rid of these and replace with the newer ones, which adhere to the rules of these updates.
About The Author: Lina is a writer blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to www.punchh.com

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Google Improves Blogger Day by Day, As we know if we mention any person Google Plus Profile in post then we can see him/her  while searching in Google for e.g.
Google Plus Search in Blogger
Now We can easiely add any one Google plus profile lin.
  • We Don’t Need to Copy The Google Plus Profile Link and Paste in Post As Anchor Link
You Can Add any One Google Plus Profile By Pressing “+” before the name.
For E.g. if i want to add my own profile in any post, what i need to do is just press +Pawan Sharma Now When i press “+” following by my name it will start searching people with the same name from my circle’s and other Google Plus Profile’s too. As Shown in the Picture given below:
Google Plus Search in Blogger
Select the Right Person from the list, Blogger Automatically add the same person profile link with respect to his/her Name.
So, Now we just need to type any person name after “+” to add his/her profile directly to blogger. Without Knowing his/her Google Plus Profile Link.

As we know social media like Facebook,Twitter,Google+and other social networks are essential to promote our site or business, Now a Day’s.

 But to promote your sites on social media , you must have higher likes and follower, which is easy to grab for popular brand, But a new website and a New Brand have face many problem to achieve Social likes and follower’s.

If you want to increase your followers and likes instantly, you must have to pay lots of money. So we use our friend circle to promote out site on social network, which is very much time consuming.

Now Here I’ll tell you how you can get Free Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, StumbleUpon ,Google
Plus and many other

Just Follow these simple steps and get Free Likes and Follower:

Step 1: Click Here  , and Sign up .

Step 2: After Sign Up ! Login with your username and password.

Step 3: As a New User you got 100 Points for signup! Now Click on “Add Exchange Site”. as  shown in the image below:

  Step 4: Now you got the list of all social sites : Facebook  Twitter, Google Plus etc.. with two option

  • Add Site
  • Manage Site
Now if you want to add a new site than click on any social site from “Add Site” and enter your website URL or your social profile URL to promote on social media with social likes and more free follower .
if you are already add you site or profile , you can select social sites from “Manage Site” to add more coin and CPC(Cost Per Click).
Step 4: Now After click on social network for e.g. Google Plus , Now You have to fill You Web Site URL , Title For Site,Coins for this site +1, and CPC Coins (How Much You Want to pay for your site one like).
Step 5: Now, After filling the detail , Click On “Add Google 1+” . That set , You succesfully configure your site .

Now , How to get more Coins :
There are two way to get free coins or you can buy it .
1. By Referral : you can refer you friends and get 50 Coins, for every referral. Copy Your Referral link from bellow as shown in the image given below:
and give it to you friend for sing up ! 
2. Likes and Follower Exchange: You can likes and follow other profile and site to get more free coins . For this in navigation bar click on “Earn Coins” and select the respected social media which you want to like.

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google Plus Page

As we know Google Plus(+) Play’s an Vital Role to indexed our site page’s fast on Google Search Engine , which is very important to us , and its also responsible for more traffic.

Now Here I’ll tell you How you can add “Google Plus Page Badge” , Please Follow these simple step :
  1. Sing In to you Google Plus Account , If Not created yet then Upgrade you Gmail account to Google Plus.
  2.  Open you Page or “Create a New Google Plus Page” OR you can also use your Google Plus Profile for the Google Plus Badge.

    Tips:  We Advise you to Use Google Plus Page for better Results .

  3. Now As you open your Google Plus Page or Profile you will see , A 21-Digits ID , whether you are using Page Or You Google Plus Profile . Copy It as shown highlighted in the Below Picture.
    Google Plus Page Badge

    You can Also chose this 21-Digit ID of your profile, Just After Login to Google Plus Then Click To Profile and same URL shown with 21-Digit ID.

  4. Now Enter the ID which you copy from Url and the width of the badge According to your site.
    Enter Google Page ID:
    Width of Badge:
    Note: Do Not Edit This Code Directly , Use Edit Box listed above for Google Page Id and Width(if you want to change).

    Code 1:


    Note: The Above Given Code Is Referred From Google Plus Developers

  5. Now Edit and Copy the Above Given Code in you Site Where You want to Place the Google Page Badge.

    e.g. If you want to insert it into your Blogger Account then:

    Google Plus Page Badge
    • Login Your Blogger Account.
    • Click On “Layout” -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/ JavaScript->Enter Title If You Want and Copy The Both Above Given Code Into The “Content” part.

    e.g. If you want to insert into WordPress Account then :

    Google Plus Page Badge
    • Login Your WordPress Account
    • Now in wordpress there are Two Ways.
      1. Plugin (Just Search and Add Plugin For Google Plus Page)
      2. Manual (Given Below)
    • Open Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets-> Move Text Box Where you want to place it (Left Bar, Header, Footer etc).
    • Now Tittle It and Copy the Above given code to the “Content” part.
  6. All Done ! Share It , Sharing Is Caring

Mistakes in SEO

Getting to the top of Google or Bing can feel like a rewarding experience, but if you’re getting to the top using shady tactics, you’re not going to last long. Long gone are the days where you could stuff keywords, alter your META tags or even throw invisible text on your website. Today, search engines are very complicated and are onto your every move. To make sure that your website is going to enjoy years of organic rankings, here are 8 SEO mistakes you should avoid:

#1 Not Giving Unique Titles
Every page on your website should have a unique title. This is what the title tag is for after all. No matter how large your website is, make sure that every page has a unique title. As you probably already know, the title tag is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

#2 Keyword Stuffing
If your website page is going to be about “bouncy balls,

Reddit is often misunderstood. Most bloggers have no idea how it works and how to get relevant traffic from it. The thing is that Reddit users are a very cynical bunch and tend to also be very harsh to people who come off as even a little spammy. But it is possible to get great traffic and organic links from Reddit. Here are some tips to help you do so.
Reddit Tips For Blogger
Subreddit The first thing you have to do is pick a relevant subreddit. Subreddits are like niches. You will achieve nothing by posting your content in the wrong subreddit. You wouldn’t go sell heels to bodybuilders would you? Same applies here. Find the niche that is right for your post. There will generally be more than one, the trick is to experiment with the few subreddits that fit your category and see which sends more relevant traffic

Be consistentLike with any social media site, if you want to gather a following, you need to contribute something of value consistently. This can be rather time consuming and difficult to manage, especially if you are trying to manage other social media sites alongside Reddit. To semi automate this process and save time, I suggest using some sort of social media monitoring tool. If people like your posts you will accumulate a score called Reddit Karma. This will show other users that you are reliable and you have good posts, so when you do post your own content, people will be eager to check it out.

Don’t spamLike I mentioned in the intro, the Reddit community doesn’t respond too well to spam. So do not spam in any sense of the word, if you do people will down vote you into oblivion. It also counts as spam if you only submit your own content, no matter how good it is. But remember that you still want to be consistent and the best way to do this is by going out there and finding great content that is not made by you that the Reddit community would appreciate.

Use Reddit LingoThere are a lot of words that are only used on Reddit. These words are the Reddit slang. If you use these words it shows the rest of the Reddit members that you are not some random person but a member of this community as well. Here are a few you should learn:
  • AMA: ask me anything
  • TL;DR: The lesson dear reader
  • TIL: Today I learned…
  • DAE: Does anyone else…
  • IAmA: I am a….

Using Reddit for ideas
As bloggers we often get writer’s block and are unable to think up of interesting ideas to blog about. You can browse subreddits that are about your niche to find topics that your audience might be interested in reading about. Look for questions that people seem to have and cannot find the answers to. If one person asked a question chances are there are other people wondering about the same thing. This is a great way to get really original content that no one else has.

About Author: This post is written by Mark Trueman

As we know Social Network site Facebook play’s important roll for the website promotion , we use Facebook Page , Facebook Like’s , Groups(community) and our wall’s for sharing our website.As a result we get great traffic.
A Blogger main burden is that ,if he/She had published a article on his/her blog then He/She have to post the link on Every Facebook Group for Article promotion and traffic . It will takes so much time to post the link of article individually on every Group .
So Here I find a way to post on multiple Group’s with only one Click , Its also beneficial for Everyone to post on multiple group with one click.
Step To be followed to  be able Post with one Click on various Facebook Group :
  • First Login to your Facebook Account.
  • Now you have to Click on Login
  • Now authorize this application to “Post on your Behalf” (Click On Allow)
  • After doing this you will get 3 input Box as shown in the picture:
Publish on Various Facebook Group
Then Enter
1. You Message (Title of the Post),
2. Link(URL) of the Post (Article) ,
3. And image URL linked with article or browse from Computer.
As shown in the picture:
Publish on Various Facebook Group
  •  Now Tick(Check)1. Select All for selecting all of your Facebook group for Submission or 2. you can choose Facebook Group individually  .
  • After doing this Click on “Post” 
Publish on Various Facebook Group
That Set , Now Check any Facebook Group ,you will see a post by you, With Same link,message and image.

Share This And Encourage Us to write again something interesting ….

Are you pulling your hair out to find a perfect name for your blog or website? Almost every blog or website owner faces this problem. As there are millions of websites and blogs, it can be very difficult to find a catchy name for your blog or website that is totally unique and that stands out from the rest.
Before you embark on your blog or website name, here are a few things that you might consider.
  • Don’t stick to any sentimental names A blog or website name needs to be stylish and captivating for the readers. When it comes to naming, you definitely need to explore a lot of sources or think outside the box.
  • Do not keep a long name for your blog or website. Keep it simple and concise.
  • Make use of the online tools to get some idea. Or refer the dictionary to get some flashy words.
  • Do not have a restrictive title. For example, “My thoughts on mobile technology