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Carbon Fiber Skins Are The Ultimate Choice In Phone Protection

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Carbon Fiber Skins, iPhone

If you have ever had your smartphone slip from your hand and shatter, or you have seen one that has, you know that this disaster is costly and must be prevented. Offering superior protection for your phone that is light weight, thin, and fits like a glove is the mission of the carbon fiber nexus 5 skins. By using materials bound together with heat and pressure, this superior grade, official 3M vinyl composite cover takes the pressure off of you by providing both safety and personalization for the device you depend on most.


Employing carbon fiber to produce a cover that is exceedingly strong, light weight, and one which can also be molded into the desirable texture of materials such as leather, metal, or wood in the exact colour desired, these covers are guaranteed to shelter your phone in elegance while they resist scratching and fading themselves. Protection of this caliber will not only prevent downtime due to the loss of a functioning phone, it will also increase your phones resale value when you upgrade to a new model. High-end skins such as these can be found online from quality retailers such as dbrandinc.

Carbon Fiber Skins, iPhone

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For years, this technology has been useful in both the weapons and aerospace industries. Now it is available to shield the everyday electronic devices which you depend upon. Whether you are a parent driving carpool or a civil engineer at the job site, the essential device which guarantees your success is the cellular smartphone. Such an important tool demands a superior cover to shield it from disaster. Without adding bulk or weight, these protective carbon fiber cases save not only money, but time and critical information in preventing your smartphone from shattering if it slips from your hand or off your work station.

The carbon fiber nexus 5 skins also offer you an opportunity to personalize your device by choosing unique texture and colour combinations. With a customized case, there is less chance you will pick up someone else’s phone by mistake. Experts agree that carbon fiber technology provides protection in an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable case. While such covers cost more than the standard plastic case, the added strength, beauty, and security are worth the money. Rubber or hard plastic phone covers are extremely bulky and not very stylish. They wrap your phone in a layer of protection but sacrifice functionality for protection. Many hard plastic covers make it near impossible to use volume and power buttons without pressing extremely hard to activate the phones abilities. The carbon skins are incredibly strong, while still offering sleekness and style.



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