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Basic tips for beginners to write Killer Content

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Basic tips for beginners to write Killer Content
Basic tips for beginners to write Killer Content

When you are talking about the internet, it has become a known fact that content rules and content rules. Better the quality of content higher is the traffic. Better the traffic, it is healthy for your monetization plans or having happy customers on your side. The major or primary reason to develop content is the fact that we want to drive traffic to the site and also keep the regular readers engaged. Another fact is that we want the number to grow. When we are developing content for any business or establishments we and the customers will always want conversion of business from the website, and the key to all this is good quality content. While there are few set rules for developing killer contents, experienced and well known content developers concur on the following facts to be kept in mind for developing killer contents.


The very first thing to be kept in mind is that your content is meant for readers. Be it for a business or for your own loyal readers. It is best to understand what they might be looking for. So developing content keeping their need in mind is very important. Put yourself in their shoes and start laying out the basics for your content.


Basic tips for beginners to write Killer ContentJust like your aim in life, your content should also have a purpose. Without a purpose you can go on and on with the content but without any substance in the material and might drift off the topic. Also without good information readers will tend to move away.
The best way is to develop engaging content, and start strong. Also keep the content informative and that will keep the clients glued to the page till they have read the last line.
The trick is to jot down your points that you want to take your readers through and then develop the content around them. It is good to avoid fluff.


Whenever developing a content try to address the common hurdles faced by users and include ways to trouble shoot those problems. Mostly when addressing an issue you might know some of the common hurdles and points of pain, giving tips to solve them will make the content more attractive. This also increases the value of the content. It also helps to build your authority and garners loyalty from your readers.


Whenever you are describing any object or process always include the benefits of them. Only writing about the features can be boring and might not generate the expected level of curiosity. Instead adding the benefits of those features makes the readers understand the importance and hence becomes more engaging. For example simply discussing the latest chip in a camera, add the advantages and benefits that the chip adds to the camera is a much better idea of developing great content.


Adding variety to the content is also another important aspect of developing killer content. Developing content using different styles and info-graphics is a good way of keeping audience engaged and hooked. Use different methods like interview, feature stories, event write-ups and also audio, video and pictures to give the content a colorful look. Only texts might not be good enough to keep the readers engaged. This will also help in getting good organic search ranks.


Many content developers keep on talking about the products; company its achievements and so on. But many readers will find this not too interesting. On the contrary they will be interested if the content tells what the product or company has to offer for them. This will also add more confidence of the customers to the company. Making the content evergreen and engaging by discussing the benefits and the offerings of the product or company as a whole makes a better impression on the readers.


Make sure that the content you develop is always unique. Also keeping it plagiarism free is absolutely essential. It is good to be inspired by someone’s contents but do your own research and make it better and more informative. Remember plagiarized content can lead to banning of your webpage or site.


It is better to have a signature style to your contents. That way it becomes more engaging to the readers. Using the same tone, voice and passion in your contents add charm to the contents. They also bear your trademark. Make sure that the content is fun to read and not just facts and figures in black and white.
It is better to develop a style of your own.


Developing and writing content can be fun. Also make sure that your use perfect grammar and English while developing the content. Incorrect usage of grammar and wrong English can ruin the content how informative and nicely written it can be. Also keep in mind that after reading the content call for some action so that you know that the content has been read. Call for a like or share, in case of non-business writing and also you can ask for opinions or comments. In case of business you can ask for a lot of options as advised by the owners. Engage your readers in a conversation.

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