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Are the abuses of IT dominating its uses?

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I strongly and vehemently oppose the notion that IT industry is misleading the society and forcing it on to the wrong course. Information Technology, or simply IT, is the scale with which the development, both technological and scientific, is gauged and measured. Without IT, any paramount manpower would not suffice the human urge of advancement and development.

IT is the pillar on which the foundation of computing is built and supported. Remove IT and the computer becomes a piece of trash. Remove the Operating System of your cell phone, notebook, PDA and it will serve no purpose whatsoever. If machines, both electronic and mechanical, were built to create, IT provided the platform to implement. IT is omnipresent and a dominating force that can make or break countries, faith, relations and even humanity!

To estimate the need and usability of IT would be like trying to empty an ocean. Still, let us take up a few general examples. Computers were built to perform functions and calculations or tasks that transcended the ordinary range of human thinking. IT brought about the implementation of this concept. What purpose would a computer serve sans the User Interface? Embedded Systems are devices designed to perform functions specific to a device. Remove its firmware and it becomes a child’s toy. The modern day administration of a group, company, state, Nation or Alliances are implemented by the aid of IT. The share market, the defence equipments and weapons, the government records and databases, an individual’s integrity are all puppets of the IT industry. At this stage, with the IT gone, all could crumble and perish without a trace. Believe it or not, if the world is a human body, then the IT industry can represent the veins that reach and connect every intangible corner. Remove the veins and over a hundred hearts would not suffice.

Now, considering the negative implementations, it is seen that any great discovery has the ability to make or break. Yes, IT has led to events such as identity thefts, forged achievements, online frauds, technical breakdowns and so on. This, however, does little to undermine the need, value and importance of IT industry.

The curse of IT is a minute and inconspicuous entity that cannot tend any harm to its importance. I do agree that a few developments like social networking systems, hacking activities etc. can sabotage the life of an individual and ruin his career and life. But, like fire, IT is a good servant and a bad master. There should be a limit up to which personal information should be relayed through the IT. Rest is safe and secure. The chances of failure are slim and it is reliable.

IT was created with a motive to excel and it has been phenomenally successful. The abuses of IT can be curbed by personal safeguard and alertness. In a nutshell, IT has the power to catapult an individual’s life to a new level. New technologies such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and the like have reduced human effort and improved the efficiency of life. Thus, use it with correct precautionary measures and sky is the limit.

Shreyash Jhunjunwala B. Tech CSE
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