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Apple iPhone 5S may Come in July

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In the brimful 2013, the fresh gossips for Apple’s next-Gen iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5S release dates are already jumping to acquire the momentum. As far as Apple mobiles are concerned, gossips are gossips but earlier the same source had furnished and verified correct information’s regarding the third generation iPad’s and iPhone 5. So we have reasons to accept the news from the source about the upcoming Apple releases. As per the reports of the trusted source iPad Mini 2 will lineup in October and iPhone 5S will target the release date in July month this year. Additional information and updates from the source suggests about the product code names and the other product particulars. This imply us clues about the company’s aim for this year.
Apple Iphone 5S Release
Apple Iphone 5S
Around the world Apple admirers are anxiously holding off for the next generation iPad and iPhone. A few months before Apple came up with iPhone Mini but many customers and reviewers kept their hands away from the smaller iPad variant. The mini variant lacks the Retina display which is associated with the full sized iPad. As per the reports from our sources the new iPad Mini 2 will the first first mini variant to attribute a Retina display. According to sources, iPad Mini 2 will give the similar experience of first generation iPad mini and hopefully it will withhold the design of its forerunners. The second generation iPad Mini 2 min is codenamed “J72

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