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Apple iPhone 4S – A Fully Featured Modernized Phone from Apple

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Apple iPhone 4S – an incredible iPhone has recently hit the tech market. Its amazing features, user-friendly interface, stability and iOS are what make this iPhone a grand device to the mobile users. With advanced features and technologies, this iPhone is believed to be ahead in time.
It is better to take a quick glimpse at the stunning features of this enticing iPhone without lingering further.

The very first time you picked up an iPhone, you have learnt how to operate it. The multi-touch interface of iPhones functions by the movement of your fingers. The simple yet beautiful Home screen is the best place to start with. The App Store includes more than 500,000 apps besides the in-built ones. Whether it is editing video with the aid of iMovie or making some FaceTime call, everything is done by the touch of your fingers. Just touch it with your finger and the task will be done!!! MORE FEATURES MORE FUN
A wide array of features makes this iPhone an innovative, powerful and a fun-to-use device.

Notification Center – What’s there in your device? – This is one place from where you will get to know this. Get notified for friend requests, calendar invitations, missed messages and so on. No scope of missing any notification! Check out the summary of the notifications while swiping down from any screen.
iMessage – Here is your opportunity to text with all your fellow friends using iPod, iPad and iPhone operating on iOS 5. You can now enjoy unlimited messages with this new feature on your iPhone 4S. If words cannot suffice your messaging, use videos, photos, contacts and locations.
Reminders – No more of missing any important errand, deadline and grocery items – thanks to the Reminders app! Keep a note of what is scheduled for your work as well as note down all the locations and due dates fixed for your task.

Photo Editing – Removing red eye, rotating, enhancing and cropping photos can all be done by just touching the photo. No need of taking the assistance of any photo-editing software. You can easily organize the shots I albums.
Camera Enhancements – This novel feature allows you to use the camera of your iPhone even when the screen is locked. Get the right shot with pinch-to-zoom gesture and grid lines.
Biggest Selection of Mobile Applications – The iOS platform in Apple iPhone 4S offers you the biggest compilation of mobile applications in the world. Third-party developers get a rich combo of APIs and tools. The games and apps in this phone redefines the mobile technology altogether.
Industry Leading Stability and Performance – iPhone 4S has the most advanced operating system – OS X – of the world and therefore, it has rock-solid stability and speedy performance. iOS ensures that neither the battery life nor the performance hampers your multi-tasking with multi-apps.
You can now control your child’s activity with the iPhone with the aid of parental control in iOS. Pose restrictions for Location Services, FaceTime, Camera, YouTube and loots of other such stuffs. You can even prevent the access to all the items in App Store and iTunes Store.
There are also other outstanding features of iPhone 4S enabling it to operate all across the world. This iPhone can understand more than 20 languages. Can you imagine? Make endless calls and surf the internet with this latest iPhone in your hand.
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