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Aircel Launch 3G Unlimited Plan At Affordable Price

As we know Aircel, Vodafone , Airtel, BSNL ,IDEA already launched there 3G Plan ,But due to 3G Plan High cost its not ease to afford it .

So we don’t have any option to choose a costly plan for High Speed Internet @ Sim-based Devise (Dongle or Mobile).
But Now , “Aircel” Who’s make his name in Telecommunication Company’s in past year’s, take First step to launch New “3G Cheap Rates Affordable Plan with Unlimited Scheme “. Aircel Named this plan’s as “New Pocket Internet Smart pack
Aircel Combine His 2G & 3G plan’s to make their customer comfort from cost. Now you can get 3.6 Mbps speed (3G High Speed) @ low cost with pocket internet unlimited internet.
Unlimited 3G plans, as affordable as 2G, starting from just Rs. 8/day. No extra cost of 2G unlimited internet.
Aircel 3G Affordable PlanFor E.g. If you use New Pocket Internet Smart pack of Rs. 8 , Then you get 1 Day Unlimited Internet and 50 MB 3G Usage Data , After this usage Data the speed comes down to 128 kbps from 3.6 Mbps.

Similarly , If you use Rs. 17 ,You  get 3 Days Unlimited 3G internet with 100MB (3.6 Mbps Speed) + Unlimited Data (128 kbps).

For Recharge Rs: 128 , You get 30 Days Unlimited 3G internet with 500MB Data @ 3.6 Mbps After that Unlimited Data @ 128 kbps Speed.

There are many other in 3G New Affordable plan , with different benefit as shown below :
Aircel 3G affordable Plan
* 697 & 997 are the special plan for Dongle based devise with 7.2 Mbps Speed .
Hope other Telecommunication company also reduce their 3G Plan Rates in Future so that Customer can Afford 3G Easily .

*I Use 128 (1 Month Plan )  and in 3 Day’s I downloaded 10GB with minimum speed 80 kb/sec and maximum 1MB/Sec, even after 500MB hi speed data & still receive Great Hi Speed.

Its Really Worth of Money, 128 3G internet for 1 Month not a big deal.

Pawan Sharma (Vicky) is the founder of GetsUpdates.com . He Holds a B.tech Degree in CSE(Computer Science). As he always try to help people by applying some of his knowledge and tips, he always follow his tag line "Sharing is Caring" . Sharing knowledge will make it worthy. He is good in Logic's , and love to sing & listen to music , Apart from this, he have geek interest in "Chess" & "Logical Game".


  1. Bro how you are getting more speed after exhausting the data of 500 MB.. After that the speed reduced down to 128 kb/s… How u r using yaar..???? Tell me the trick…:)

  2. After opting and subscribing for 3g plans in AIRCEL, I doubt that if one selects 2G (by SMSing “Stop 3G” to 121), the billing may be from main balance and not from Unlimited 3G plan. Even after sending messages to customer care of Aircel, I did not get any reply. If any one has specific answer, kindly mention here. I did not try myself as I fear that I may loose my main balance.

    Another thing is after exhausting the high speed in Unlimited 3G plan, the speed may get reduced to 128kb/s, but still in 3G only. It might give more speed than the (supposed to be a minimum of) 128kb/s unlike the 2G plan where the speed is restricted to a maximum of 128kb/s in EDGE/GPRS. So, most probably, we may get/might be getting good speed even after the exhaustion of high speed quota, in the Unlimited 3G plan. There is no trick here.

  3. Though the AIRCEL plans are good and works fine, The main problem is the very, very bad customer care. One will not receive any response or very delayed one to our queries with them. I tried to open my account in their web site. But unable to do so. They do not help me in this matter.

  4. How funny is this! If you recharge Rs.17/- every third day, you get 1GB of 3G download, but you pay only Rs.170/- for 30 days.
    If you opt for Rs.198/-, you get Same 1MB of 3G in 30 days. But the 1GB of 3G is consumed first (3 days for the usage in my case) and you get the reminder in 2G unlimited for the remainder of 27 days.
    I want to know whether Aircel allows the user to select the 3G/2G at their will.
    Can Aircel or any one clarify this point?

  5. no i use 128 plan but after using 500mb a message comes saying u hav exhausted ur high speed quota and the dwnld speed is reduced to only 12 to 15 kbps.,

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