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Adapt Pinterest for a Pinning SEO Experience

The social arena is growing at a decent pace and its apt use can make your outsource web development business grow even faster. With several social media platforms out there, it is quite unreasonable to expect you to explore all of them. There is, however, one such social media base that must be taken into account as you built a SEO strategy for your business. It is none other than Pinterest. Pinterest has shown a tremendous growth over the past two years. From a huge league of 4 million active users in 2011, the site has moved onto having a gigantic pool of 8.3 active users currently. As per a survey, Pinterest ranks third on the list of prominent social media platforms, just after Twitter and Facebook. With its immense popularity, Pinterest has already left Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn behind. Having such a vast user base means Pinterest can be a great source of leads for your online business. Thus, including Pinterest in your SEO strategy can prove fruitful.
Pinterest is growing fast:
Pinterest is showing a tremendous growth that seems promising. After roping thousands of local users, the company is now planning to go global. Son, you will find pins in Portuguese, German, French, Spanish and Japanese. The gender viewership of the portal is also improving. From just 25% of male viewers in 2011, the ratio has moved up to 35 % in 2012, which sounds more balanced. The age group range on the website is also increasing. Pinterest is expanding and for good. Making it a part of your business promotion and SEO strategy can prove beneficial.

Pinning is Valuable:

To understand the value of pinning for different business enterprises, here is a quick question and answer analysis:Will Pinning Improve your Backlink Profile? Surely

  • If your brand is already established, will Pinterest make your presence any better? Maybe not
  • Will Google like the Idea of pinning? Yes
  • Can Pinterest be a new source of fresh content and social citing for your website? For sure
  • Is there a chance of something going viral, if you have a strong Pinterest profile? Yes
  • Is investing in Pinterest a good idea for a web development company? Absolutely! 
Pinning can prove quite valuable in enhancing your brand image online. Harnessing this particular social media weapon could bring your website higher in the SERP listing.

Social Incoming from Pinterest:

Pinterest can be a great source of links and back links for your online business. Pinning a few business items means you could get a great deal of links coming your way. This will, in turn, make your website socially more visible and improve the traffic influx.

To Pin is To Win:

Pinning can mean winning the virtual space. With millions of active users, ever-improving global access and highly impressive content pool, Pinterest can do wonders to your online brand value. Including Pinterest in your SEO strategy will mean better visibility and even better leads. So, what are you waiting for? Start pinning today!
Author Bio:-
 Amy Patrix is a consultant at web development company. This is the most popular IT company which provides web development outsourcing services.
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