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4Sync cloud storage or where the files live

4 Sync Cloud Computing
4sync offers one of the largest free storage’s for you to keep your files at hand. 4Sync provides 15 GB of storage space online. Another 4sync benefit is its sync applications for such operating systems as: Windows, Linux and Mac OS as well as for Android phones, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.
It uses practically the same technology other file synchronization services offer.
4sync creates a folder on your desktop where the program is installed. All files and folders are copied to this folder and automatically synchronized with your online storage. 
4 Sync Cloud Computing
If you install 4Sync program on other computers or mobile devices the files will also be synchronized with them.
4 Sync Cloud Computing
This way you can access important files from anywhere once you install the application on your computer.

The first thing you need to do is to log in the application and create a free account.

4 Sync Cloud Computing
By default the application creates a 4sync folder within the user folder but you can select another location for the folder. It’s a final installation step of the 4sync application.

4sync app’s icons are placed on the background of the system tray

 To open the 4sync folder double click on the icon.

4 Sync Cloud Computing
You can also open 4sync folder via your operating system file manager clicking the 4Sync icon.

You can open your 4sync account, browse files, keep track of the used space, the history of synchronized files and access the application options.

You also can define the location of folder, set upload and download limits for the synchronization of files, configure a proxy.

4 Sync Cloud Computing
Among other options you can also access your synchronized files and folders from computers that do not have the program installed.

Just visit 4sync website, login to your account to access the 4sync files.

Download 4sync for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.

Note: During installation of the application it offers to install the 4shared toolbar which is unnecessary for the application execution.

Stay tuned and uncheck this option if desired.

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