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4 Ways To Create Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Website

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Today if you step out of your house, here is what you get to see – you sit in a coffee shop and a young gizmo geek is sitting in front of you, unaware of his surroundings, engrossed deeply in his mobile phone. You head out for a walk in a park and you see people checking something or the other on their mobiles, you visit a mall and there sits a girl staring interestingly with wide eyes at her mobile screen! Well, with the increasing number of smart phones majorly, internet has become an inseparable part of mobile phones. So internet surfing on mobile phones has become even more frequent and habitual for people.

It is therefore extremely crucial that if you have a WordPress website, you turn it into a mobile version. Making your website mobile friendly will enable mobile users to access it easily. Here are some tips how you can create a mobile version of your WordPress website.

#1 Wirenode


Wirenode helps you get your work done quickly as this software will take only 5 minutes to create a mobile version of your website. A lot of mobile webpages (approx. 40,000) are being hosted by Wirenode at the time. Some of the famous brands which are benefiting from this software are Reebok and Ford. Using Wirenode also gives you an access to features like mobile polls, mobile widgets, RSS mobilization and others.

#2 MoFuse


MoFuse is being sued majorly by blogs for converting them to mobile friendly websites. The brilliant mobile version of Mashable and Read Write Web, has been done by this smart software only. At this time, MoFuse is being used by over 23,000 blogs to create mobile versions of themselves. It provides you tools that are really useful as they help you in promoting your content, building and measuring your audience, and also, making some money by the side.

#3 mobiSiteGalore

Mobi Site Galore

This is fantastic software for building mobile website and it allows people to easily build, publish and share their full-fledged mobile website. The work of mobiSiteGalore gives you a guarantee that the mobile website created by it would work would have no hassles in working on any mobile phones. Also, you get a design template that enables you to customize colors, fonts and layout on the page, in order to create a mobile website that stands out and looks unique.

#4 Winksite


Winksite is quite popular software as it allows your mobile website to make money with advertising through the network of advertising. The great news is that you get to earn revenue up to 100% and Winksite does not claim any share into it! It was also the first standards-compliant builder of mobile websites that had RSS driven content, deployment and other features like forum, polls, chat etc.

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