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3 Unknown Iphone Features you Should Know About

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Guest Post By Carl
Apple’s iPhone is one of the best smartphones available on the market. Its popularity speaks for itself, but it is the top selling device for a reason. Aside from excellent call quality, the iPhone also provides you with a whole variety of great features and apps that you can download from the App Store via iTunes, many of which are free.
The iPhone can keep you thoroughly entertained, highly productive and organized and can perform many other necessary functions that will make your life far easier. This includes some of the best unknown features that are surprisingly “hidden” in the iPhone. You may have stumbled across one or more of these by accident, but it is worth knowing about them.

Displaying Extra Characters in Your Keyboard

Since the iPhone is a device that is used by individuals worldwide, it is sometimes necessary to have the ability to type text messages and notes in another language. This is especially useful if you are bi- or multi-lingual and have contacts who are fluent in other languages that you speak. No matter what your first language and which language you have your iPhone set to, you can located extra characters in your keyboards when you need them.
This is a great hidden feature of the iPhone that you can reveal simply by tapping and holding a key on your touchscreen keyboard. Each key has its own set of additional characters. To access each character you need, you will have to tap and hold each key, however, which can become quite time consuming and tedious.

Saving Images From Safari to Your Album in the Photos Icon

Many people are unaware of the fact that it is actually possible to save images from the Internet on the iPhone to their device. You may have accidentally discovered that if you top and hold text, whether a text message or in a website, a small strip of options appear above the area, asking you if you want to copy or cut.
When you tap and hold on any image on Safari, the same options appear, although there is an extra one that allows you to save a picture. You can either copy or save it to your Photos icon. This is a great hidden feature that can be a lot of fun, especially when you want to add a certain picture to your iPhone as its wallpaper or screen saver but don’t see any other way to get it on the device.
Of course, another option is to hit “Copy” and then opening your albums in the Photos icon to save by tapping and selecting “Paste.” The image should appear in your album using either method.

Closing Out of an App

A quick double tap of your Home button will reveal a strip of apps you have recently used at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. Scrolling through it will bring up all applications you have used, in order of usage. Sometimes, however, you simply want to quit one or more of them. Quitting a app on the iPhone may often seem impossible, unless you power off your phone.
However, if you are finished using a particular app for the time being and want to close it rather than simply leave it open in the background, a hidden trick you can perform to do so is to hold the home button for five seconds. This will quit the app in question without requiring you to reboot your iPhone.
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