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3 Devices that Help Spice up a Conference or Training

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The most successful training or conference must engage the participants. Failure to do so may result in the audience failing to capture key parts of the lesson or message. It should be the goal of every presenter to find a way to make sure that the audience participates actively. By engaging the audience, people are more likely to remember more details than passive listening or simply watching a presentation. Three devices can be used to make any audience feel like they are part of the presentation and not simply witnessing one.
Video Devices
Video is a powerful tool. It is not enough to simply use video during a presentation. Planning must be used to have the most impact. Consider using digital recording to interview participants before, during and towards the end of a presentation. The audience will become more involved when they see themselves and see how each other change during the course of the presentation. Careful planning must be used to make sure that the video can be seamlessly integrated into the presentation.
Voting Devices
Giving the audience a feeling of control is one of the most potent ways of capturing and keeping an audience’s attention. Voting devices, also called audience voting systems, can provide the best way of the audiences to interact and participate. Voting can drive the direction of the presentation and give the audience and presenters instantaneous feedback. Various features are available on these devices and can be incorporated into virtually any presentation. The ability to poll the audience provides great insight to the success of any presentation.
Web-Enabled Devices
Portions of a presentation can be loaded into web based devices. They can be as simple as mobile web apps or may be separate devices altogether. Often these devices are used to provide feedback and comments on portions of the presentation. Questions can even be submitted through these devices to be addressed by the presenters. These devices can allow the audience to take an active role by participating in the discussion.
Presentations are powerful tools that allow trainers and businesses to engage a large number of people. Successful presentations result in the audience retaining key points of the discussion. These key points can be used to strengthen marketing, training, brand awareness and more. Using the proper combination of message and audience engagement can provide the best results from any presentation. These devices also provide the feedback so future presentations can be fine tuned to be more effective.
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