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10 reasons why your business should choose VoIP

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Guest Post By Sylvia Rosen
Voip Technology
Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming increasingly popular for small businesses as they try to compete with larger companies in an increasingly global market. VoIP systems, though, offer far more than cost savings and an abundance of features.

Here’s a look at 10 reasons why you should consider VoIP for your phone system needs.

1) Phone systems are similar to computers or even automobiles. The older they are, the harder it is to find the parts needed to repair and maintain them. The same holds true for Voice-grade Traditional (TDM) switching systems.  As new technology becomes available, it becomes increasingly hard and expensive to maintain the circuit-based TDM technology.

2) One of the most commonly overlooked features of any phone system? Voice quality. But with a good broadband connection, voice quality is often better with a VoIP system than with the older, traditional phone systems.

3) All you need for a VoIP system is an adequate broadband connection. Once you have that, you can save money on long distance, cell phone and inter-office calls. This can represent a substantial savings for small companies that make numerous long-distance calls.

Voip Technology

4) Think of VoIP systems like an a la carte menu. You can add and remove features and extensions as it becomes necessary with a VoIP business phone system.

5) You get more features with VoIP phone systems technology as opposed to the traditional phone systems. Better yet, many of those features can be tailor-made to suit your company’s needs. Extra features include things like the ability to integrate with CRM software, conference bridges, account reports and the ability to record calls.

6) Although self-installation of VoIP systems isn’t recommended for medium- to large-sized companies, smaller companies can rest assured that hosted VoIP PBX systems are relatively easy to install. The IP phones are already configured by the provider and ready to operate as soon as they’re connected to a broadband connection.

7) One of the problems businesses run into when they settle on a new phone system: there’s not enough upgrades. Most VoIP services, though, offer the latest features and updates quickly via the Internet.

8) While many of the older, traditional phone systems require that you buy a system and equipment before you need them, that’s not the case with VoIP. You can buy what you need, when you need it.

9) You can have a main office in Dallas and a satellite office in San Francisco and still have your extensions treated as internal calls in terms of costs with a VoIP system. You can also use a laptop, headset and a VoIP softphone to connect anywhere, any time.

10) Voice and data applications can collaborate using VoIP technology. That means you only need one group to support both your voice systems and your Information Technology.

About the author: Sylvia writes articles on the latest telecom products, including: small business phone systems.

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